I’m Brenda – Editor of Our Family Travels

Together with my Husband, and our two children we love to explore new places, and share our stories of our travels.  At the heart of each journey is a unique experience made richer and special by the bonds that tie a family unit together.

Our goal is to always search for new places to discover, and in doing so to inspire other families to travel and explore.  Whether it be your next town or a trip across the world.


 We aim to become a leading source of inspiration for families through a pioneering travel attitude.

Our mission:

CURIOUS – Inquisitive to seek the authentic and the unexplored. To go beyond conventional travel experiences,  meeting new people and creating lasting memories.

PASSIONATE –  about travel and exploring new places near and far.

INCLUSIVE –  a sense of belonging for all members of the family.

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“i love nothing more than exploring the world – and sharing the experience with my family.”

We would love to have your part of our OFT crew.  Be sure to sign up below or read more about how we can collaborate.

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