Hi!  Welcome to Our Family Travels Blog

A place where we share all about our travel adventures as a family of four. Each of us loves travelling and we all bring something different to the travel experience. We hope to live abroad for a year soon, so during our travels we are on the hunt for a perfect place to base ourselves. We hope our adventures encourage you to travel this amazing world with your family.

Come and Meet Us

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Mrs Traveller aka Brenda

The mothership of this travelling clan, Brenda, loves historic sights to soak up fascinating history of the generations that lived this earth hundreds of years ago. She also has a penchant for locating the perfect accommodation with just the right amount of quirkiness and practicality, as well as being ideally situated.  She’s the snapper of great photos and hunts down the best shopping and dining precincts.



Mr Traveller aka Lou 3

From Italian decent, Italy is like his second home and where he feels most comfortable, so you will often find us returning to this wonderful country. Lou is the organiser of passports, travel docs and keeping us all on time.  The journey starts when we hit the airport as this plane enthusiast loves a good airport and plenty of time for plane spotting. He’s happiest when the crowds are small and the lines are short. Lou loves exploring new places and finishes each travel day with a great glass of wine.


our family travels


Master Tech-head aka Jude

A ten-year-old on a mission to travel the globe to see the tallest buildings and longest bridges. Jude will have you connected to your hotel wi-fi before you can say “What’s the password?” An avid map reader, he will steer you in the right direction to see the sights. Loves a good hop-on hop-off double decker and loathes too much shopping.




Ms Safari Girl  aka Mirandaour family travels

Her dream is to become a professional traveller so our little safari girl loves exploring and has a crafty knack for hunting out the best souvenir shops in order to add to her growing collection of travel snow domes. Prefers the hot climate which lends itself to being permanently close to a swimming pool. Always prepared to taste the best carbonara, but sadly has a phobia for public toilets.