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Brenda Pomponio

Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

When it comes to the packing and planning of a trip – I’m usually the one all over the detail.

I love to book accommodation, start lists of places we will visit, saving restaurants or eateries that have been recommended and collating a bit of a plan of how our days of adventure will unfold.

I take the same approach to packing our bags.  I start quite early out – easy when you are visiting a destination with opposite climate, I can start packing summer gear we won’t need if we are travelling to Europe during our winter.  It helps me feel organised and less likely to forget anything if I can take my time (and yes go over each item probably 11 times).  However, as a mother of a busy family, planning ahead helps me keep organised and focused on essential items I know we will need.  Now that my children are older they each have their own iPads and a few weeks before we depart I make sure they are updated, some movies and apps are downloaded and their headphones are in working order.

Travel Insurance Direct

What is this one accessory that always makes me smile?

It’s is actually something I have never used.  Yes, I pack something that to this day I have never used and I’m really happy about.

Still confused?

It’s travel insurance.  We have been fortunate never to use it, but ensuring we have it always puts a smile on my face.  Why? peace of mind.  I couldn’t imagine being far from home and needing medical attention, losing a credit card or passport, or our luggage not arriving when we do.  I know one day, we may be faced with an experience like this and it will be a challenge, it will be daunting and unwelcome, however, the added thought of the extra expenses or the stress of zero support is unfathomable.  To me, I would choose not to travel if I couldn’t prioritise insurance for myself and my family. 

Did you know?

The cost to return home for a family of 4 (2 parents + 2 kids) can be several thousand dollars. Where a medical repatriation or evacuation is needed the costs can jump to tens of thousands of dollars.*

Support is provided to those insured in a natural disaster, or emergency situation for example – a dedicated 24/7 emergency assistance team is on hand to help. The team consists of case managers who will manage all aspects of your case along with trained nurses and doctors.*

Travel insurance can really help with those smaller annoying moments like damaged luggage, delayed flights –  TID can cover both damaged luggage and personal effects (up to $24,000 for Family Works plan) and delayed flights (up to $4,000 for Family Works plan) so it may very well help ease the financial burden. As always read the policy wording for full details.*

So, that’s why this one item!  That piece of paper I hold right near my passport and save in the documents section of my phone near all our birth certificate copies is so important. Ok – maybe not a physical copy – we are in the era of technology.  Safe to say my travel insurance documents are all kept safe on my devices with use of an App!  The great thing about pairing up my travel insurance policy with the app is knowing how easy it is to access should the need arise, the travel tips I can read about my particular destination and should I leave the house without insurance I can organise a policy anywhere!   Smiling all the way to the airport.

For information about the TID app click here

*Information provided by Travel Insurance Direct

Thank you to TID for sponsoring this post.  For more information please visit their website

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Travel Insurance Direct

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