Family Travel can involve a lot of planning and deciding which purchases will make your travel easier, convenient yet also stylish and thoughtful.

Below is a list of products, services, experiences and businesses that we love and adore!  You can be assured that we only make recommendations about a product or service we are genuinely passionate about.  




Travel Journal from Travelling with Kids.

Get the kids recording special moments of their travel with these journals.  A great gift for travelling children!

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Zoomlite Packing Cubes

Make packing for your family with packing cubes.  Available in various colours everyone will know where their items are.

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Chatsbook Photo Albums

Ever wondered how to turn all those holiday photos into a simple album?  Well, welcome to Chatbooks a subscription-based photo album that will send you a book each time you post or add 60 photos.  Genius!

First book free
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Traveller Collective 

What a unique way to celebrate travelling to a new country!  This leather crafted keyring is the perfect gift or item for the travelling family.  The metal rings are stamped with the country initials…how many do you have?

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Beekeeper Backpack 

A funky backpack with a mission to give back?  What could be better?  Kids love fun colourful luggage and this ticks all the boxes.  Plus money raised by The Beekeeper go to funding great causes like English classes to kids in Cambodia. 

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Lonely Planet for Kids 

The world for children to explore can begin in the pages of these books.  Our children have loved discovering, learning, exploring and helping plan and dream about travels near and far.  Nurture their curious minds with these great books. 

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Tall Trees Camping – Moggs Creek 

WinterEscape 45 150x150 - OFFERSExperience Glamping without the hassle of having to own all your own camping equipment.  Nestled in the picturesque national park along the world renowned Great Ocean Road Moggs Creek – Tall Trees Camping is an ideal spot for some family time to get back to nature.  Each tent  has it’s own porch for sitting and admiring the bushland and inside your camp bed is pure luxury with elevated camper stretchers and hotel quality linen.  The site offers a great communal hut for cooking, eating and gathering by the fire. 

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Winter Escape


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Using Airbnb is a great way for families to get the comforts of home whilst travelling.  Click on the link below to save on your first booking.

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Verona Safari Tour  

We had the pleasure of meeting Valeria of Verona Tours and our children experienced a custom “Safari” tour! It started in Piazza Erbe and as we walked through the town of Verona Jude and Miranda were encouraged to hunt out various artefacts, clues or monuments! We built an arch, drew, painted and more!  It was a morning spent full of fun and learning in a beautiful Italian City. 

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Verona Safari Tours
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Wanderjack Tour  

Imagine a custom tour that caters to your individual needs?  Supports local and small business and also has a strong focus on sustainable travel!  Sounds too good to be true?  No, it is not.  Wanderjack is proud to cater to families, couple, seniors and small groups in Veneto and Sicily.  



Wanderjack Tours

Nova Fairy Tales  

What better way to explore a new city than with a walking or bike?  Well, what about a private walking or cycling tour?  With Nova Fair Tales Tours they can tailor a tour for you –  yes, children are welcome and accommodated perfectly!  Tours are available in Denmark, Sweden, Hungary, Norway & Estonia. 

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Travel Insurance Direct

Travel Insurance Direct 

I would never consider travelling without travel insurance.  The peace of mind knowing that any mishap, accident or emergency will be taken care of both from a financial aspect but also from a caring aspect.  Being in a foreign country is at times overwhelming enough, but if your phone gets stolen, or you need medical attention Travel Insurance means that the situation won’t be unheard. 




Ethical & Sustainable Fashion Store

Travelling apparel that is comfortable, sustainable and ethical.  Dalcheri stock a fabulous range of Mens and Womens clothing, apparel, accessories and gifts that are perfect for travelling.  Natural fibre clothing is the ideal choice when it comes to travel as it breathes, keeps you warm in cool climates, and cool in hot weather.

Here I am travelling through Scotland in a range of Dalcheri apparel.

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Tasi Travels 

A sustainable, ethical clothing brand made in Australia and designed for the traveller.  Available styles for men and women in timeless key travel pieces.

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Designed and made in Australia by a travelling mother and women who can understand the needs and demands of women who love to look stylish, comfortable and have an ethical choice.  Zino Ama encourages slow fashion.

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