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Welcome back to the Heartfelt Series.  This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Tania from The Little Italian School.  Just one look at her Instagram feed and I bet you are like me, and wish she was your neighbour.  This Italian family reside in Perth and dedicate a month each year to visiting their family in Italy and when they are not in Italy, Tania is giving classes in all things Italian from sausage making, pasta workshops and Italian language classes.

So a big welcome to Heartfelt Traveller – Tania Pietracatella from The Little Italian School.


Who makes up your family?

We are a couple with a 10 year old boy Alessio, 9 year old girl Valentina and 7 year old girl Flavia. Hubby is from Italy, I was born in Perth. We married in Italy where we lived until we decided to come and live in beautiful Perth WA.

Where can we find you on social media or website?

website is www.thelittleitalianschool.com.au

facebook –  the little italian school &  insta is @the_little_italian_school

Where are you currently calling home? 

We currently live in Perth. We do 11 months a year here and 1 month a year in Italy.


Tell us about what family travel means to you?

Family travel to us is as important, if not more important than schooling. It is also very important to us that our children know and are close to their immediate family, besides us, as the rest of the clan live in Italy. So I guess’ family travel ‘ is just that… going home to be with what matters to us… family. 


What are your current or future travel plans and what is important for you when you consider a destination for your family?

Each year we go back to Italy, and we always do a small trip within the holiday with our best friends and their children (our godchildren). Most of the time it’s in Italy, but sometimes we may go elsewhere in Europe. The most important thing for us when choosing a destination is to avoid an agenda. Holidays are about relaxing. We have agenda’s on regular days in our everyday lives. We also always stay away from any tourist attractions (except for Positano…Positano is so beautiful you barely notice anyone at all! lol)


Have you got a special way you document your travels?  A way to store the memories?

The memories we make on our holidays are stored in the hearts. We share stories with our very close friends around the dinner table when we get back. They love our stories !  Of course we take LOTS of photos and pop the odd one on our personal Instagram feeds. 

What would you say to others considering travelling as a family?  What advice would you offer?

We have been travelling back to Italy every year prior to children, and post children. Even during my pregnancies. The best advice I could offer, (and of course this is only what I have experienced and can’t speak for other peoples children) is don’t think your children are interested in seeing monuments or landmarks and all that touristy stuff because most of the time they just want to enjoy the simple things without rushing around and taking a thousand photos. I feel the best holidays are about relationships People you meet along the way and their stories. My children enjoy being with their family and close friends, hanging out in the piazza or at the beach, taking afternoon naps, visiting farms, eating gelato and staying up late, and doing things on the spur of the moment. Like I said previously, avoid an agenda where possible and live the moments!  

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