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Heartfelt Travellers – The Waltons

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Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Full-time travel – It’s what some of us can only dream off.  Well, Mike, Carly and Whitney are LIVING that dream.  They take on the challenges of parenting as they move from city to town, from country to new place.  They work hard and are inspired by creating last memories and also instilling in their young daughter an appreciation of the worlds different cultures and way of life.  Plus their highlight so far has been Australia so of course, this is one very clever family!


Heartfelt Travellers – The Waltons 

Tell us about your family

 Mike and I are a full-time travel family! We are traveling the world with our daughter Whitney and we do lifestyle photography for hotels and brands on the road. We love the outdoors so most of our content is focused on outdoor adventure. Mike is from Vancouver Canada and I (Carly) am from Mesa, Arizona! We are also an LDS (Mormon) family so we attend church in places all over the world and really love that aspect of our travel as well.

You are travelling full time.  Tell us about how you manage to keep up the pace with a young child? 

 Traveling full-time with a child is fun and challenging as you can imagine! Whitney has been on the road with us since she was 3 months old so luckily she is very used to being in her car seat for many hours at a time. She also adapts very quickly to sleeping in new conditions weekly! We are very lucky to have a baby that loves travel and being outside! We get a lot of our work done in the morning, during naptime, and at night after she goes to sleep. Like most people who work and parent would! Ours is just different because we are in a new place constantly. We love watching Whitney meet new people and visit new places. It is so amazing seeing the world through her little eyes! When there are hard times or hard days I remind myself that no matter where we are in the world raising children is hard! We’d rather have it be hard in Portugal or in Morocco 🙂 

What motivated you both to make travel a priority? 

We both recognized at an early age that doing hard things made us better people. We also recognized that travel opened our eyes to new ideas and cultures. Before we ever met we wanted travel to be a priority so you can imagine that fireworks that happened when we met! 

So far this year, what experience has been your highlight and why? 

Traveling in a campervan in Australia was one of our most amazing experiences so far. We picked up the camper in Melbourne and had no plans other than a flight out of Sydney three weeks later! It was so amazing to feel so free and be able to camp on the beach or in the mountains and wake up next to kangaroos (literally). Whitney was at a perfect age when she would sleep through the night with us and it just felt like a dream. It was a great way for us to experience the coast of Australia for the first time! There is so much we’d like to see in Australia!

What are your hopes and wishes for Whitney whilst you are travelling? 

That is such a great question! We want Whitney to have a love and appreciation for all types of cultures and people. We hope that she learns how to be non-judgmental and accommodating of all people no matter their status, language, background, or life experiences. We also obviously really want her to love being in the outdoors! I don’t think we will have a problem with that one…

Any advice or learnings you could offer other parents considering full-time travel? 

Traveling full-time is a huge leap! It is rewarding in so many ways and builds a bond within your family that would be very difficult to re-create in another way. I don’t think we realized at the time how different and challenging at times it would be! We would encourage anyone with a love of travel to take the leap and start with a time frame that you can handle. Travel for 6 months or a year and then you can re-evaluate how it’s going and what you’d like to change. We are constantly finding ways to support our income, save money, work with new people, create new content, etc.. For us our long-term travel path is constantly changing. We have been gone for 1 year now and it feels like we just got started! Anyone with questions can feel free to contact me at our email hello@thewaltonadventure.com I’m always happy to support other family travelers! 


Heartfelt Series

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