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A huge welcome to Tim Coulson, father, husband, photographer and avid family traveller.  Tim, together with his wife Kesh and their son’s Roo and Zion have accumulated many stamps on their passports as they travel to varying countries across the globe.  With an open mind about the complexities of travelling with children, Tim (a wedding photographer who travels for his work) loves to take his family with him, and create memories while he works.  His Instagram feed is a stunning visual photo board capturing his family whilst travelling through bustling cities, and some very remote locations!

Thanks Tim for being this week’s Heartfelt Traveller.

Heartfelt Traveller – Tim Coulson.

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Who makes up your family?

Tim, 32 Kesh, 30 Roo, 5 Zion, 2


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Where can we find you on social media or website?

Instagram @timcoulson @keshcoulson   

Kesh has recently launched her own ethical fashion label Zino.ama – a lovely collection of ethically fashion for women and men with the travel family in mind.  You can find her account here @zino.ama


Where are you currently calling home? 

Southern Highlands NSW

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Tell us about what family travel means to you?

I guess family travel is something that has really defined us. We’ve been fortunate enough to travel regularly from the beginning of our marriage and have always made it a priority, sacrificing other things to make it happen. For us the benefits are huge and we notice a huge difference in the boys’ learning and development each time we take a trip.

What are your current or future travel plans and what is important for you when you consider a destination for your family?

We recently have visited Bali and completed 4 week Aussie road trip.   Late last year we also visited New Zealand.   Future travels include Hawaii in January 2018 Mexico June 2018.  We really don’t get much of a say in the destinations we travel to as we only travel with my job. All the usual things that people say are important don’t really bother us a whole lot. We’ve been to places that are incredibly remote with limited to no facilities available all the way to places like NYC, Paris and London. Our perfect trip though would take in both ends of the spectrum. I love national parks, isolation and nature and Kesh loves cities and towns with a great food and arts scene. We always try and do both when we go away.


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Have you got a special way you document your travels?  A way to store the memories?

I’m a photographer so photos have always been our method of documenting our travel. I generally try to shoot using older film cameras so it feels less like work (for which I shoot with digital cameras). That way, there’s no editing to do and with the process being quite different when you shoot film, I really enjoy what I’m doing.

usa 2017 191 - Heartfelt Traveller - Tim CoulsonWhat would you say to others considering travelling as a family?  What advice would you offer?

Just do it. Make it a priority. Save. Make it happen. Depending on the length of the trip, you’ll almost always struggle at some point but if you push through it, you won’t ever want to come home and the benefits to you as an individual and as a family far outweigh any cost.

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