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Heartfelt Traveller – Tanya from Four Little Creatures

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Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

As with most Heartfelt Travellers interviewed here, I discover them on social media – and Tanya’s account at @fourlittlecreatures is such a source of motherhood inspiration, fun and travel.  Tanya and I share some interesting similarities in we both hold the same degree and have worked in Child Protection – crazy!  Tanya’s four little creatures (which I’m hoping she means her children) are ADORABLE and for all the larger families out there, true inspiration that big families can and should travel.  Tanya shares some gems of her home town of Adelaide so whether you desire to travel near or far I know you will find this interview just as inspiring as I did.

Welcome Tanya!


Heartfelt Traveller – Tanya from Four Little Creatures 

Tell us a little bit about yourself + your blog (and where we can find you on socials) 

My name is Tanya and I am married to my best friend Daniel (cliché I know) we have 4 children, Noah, 5, Scout, 4, Margot, 2 and Harriet 1. We never planned to have 4 children, however, couldn’t imagine our life any other way. In fact, I would love to have 6 but the bank disagrees.

I am currently studying a Master in Social Work and have worked within the Child Protection field for 10 years and absolutely love it. My passion for children is a reason behind starting my blog and also a way to have kept my brain functioning during maternity leave. I actually fell into blogging after a had some friends asking me questions about children and parenting and suggested I should start writing about it.

I enjoy writing but enjoy talking even more so it has felt quite natural for me to write. I hope to insert humour into serious topics and hopefully, most parents can relate to this.

I have an Instagram page @fourlittlecreatures and my blog is www.fourlittlecreatures.com

Have you lived in Adelaide your whole life and tell us about where you live? 

I haven’t lived in Adelaide my whole life. I actually grew up in a small coastal town on the Yorke Pensiunsla and moved to the Eyre Peninsula when I was 15. I only moved to Adelaide to complete my Bachelor in Behavioural Science. When I completed that I moved to Europe for a year of backpacking drinking and getting chubby. When I returned I moved to Melbourne and that is where I met my husband. We returned to Adelaide when my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and decided to stay for family support whilst I had my children. I couldn’t imagine raising my family anywhere else.

Adelaide feels like a giant country town. The beach and the hills are all within such short distances of each other and it still remains affordable, unlike Melbourne or Sydney.

What is a typical weekend or mini adventure for your family like?

 My husband and children love the beach so we often go to Henley beach or Glenelg beach on weekends.  I work down south of Adelaide and have discovered some great parks and beaches down there also. Most of our weekends we go to playgrounds with some of the best being around the Adelaide CBD. We mostly do free activities with the museum being a favourite for my kids. For a paid activity I would highly recommend Monarto Zoo. It is truly amazing what they have down with the enclosures for the animals.

What would you recommend families do and visit if they are coming to Adelaide. 

South Australia as whole is under appreciated.  We have some of the best beaches in the world and the affordability needs to be recognised more. The wineries and the hills are amazing and family friendly too. If coming to Adelaide I would recommend Glenelg beach. There is great cafes, playgrounds and restaurants plus amazing shopping. Port Noarlunga beach you can snorkel off a reef at the end of the jetty.

The Clare Valley or McLaren Vale have amazing wineries that you could tour for weeks on end and they also hold a lot of events that are a lot of fun.

How was your family trip to Hawaii and what advice would you give parents about this destination? 

Hawaii was beautiful but I was shocked at the cost of EVERYTHING there. I would not recommend staying in Honolulu but going out of town and hiring a car or using the public transport. I realised I am not a city person whilst there and wouldn’t stay in Honolulu again. My biggest advice is to save double what you thought you would spend and look into an Air BnB instead of a hotel. I was surprised by how small the main island actually was and it was easy to catch the bus around the entire island in a day. However do yourself a favour and go to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch. The meals are huge and you won’t need dinner!

I think Hawaii is also a good place to take children because everything is accessible and it is easy to get around.

Any future travel plans or wishes?  Do share 

We will be making a small family trip to the Sunshine Coast in October and looking into either Mexico or Fiji for next year. We try to plan a large family holiday with my mum, sister and her partner every 2 years. Prior to Hawaii we went to Thailand with the kids and Dan and I took Noah to New Zealand when he was a baby.


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