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Heartfelt Traveller – Sarah from Sarahctravels

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Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Sarah and her family are such a joy to follow and watch.  They have been travelling extensively with their two children and it appears that nothing will stop them seeking out new places and all with small children in tow.  I find it inspiring and also reassuring that we live in a world that nutures adventure.  Thankful that together with our chidlren we can seek out new places and enjoy them together.  Sarah and Matt certainly are building up the memory bank of travels as a family already! 


Heartfelt Traveller Sarah from Sarahctravels 


Tell us a little about your family:   

Hi!!  I’m Sarah from Buffalo, New York.  My husband, Matt, and I have been married 9 years.  We began travelling when we were first married, and now we are addicted!  We have 2 boys, Dylan (3 years) and Christopher (1 year) who we tote all around the world with us! So far Matt and I have travelled to 44 countries together, Dylan, 29 countries, and Christopher, 16. We average about 5 countries/trips per year.  We love to travel with our kids and I love sharing with others how it is TOTALLY doable!!!


 So you and Matt both got the travel bug early – what are some of your fondest travel experiences when you first began? 

Before we had kids, my husband Matt, and I got addicted to travelling.  We were on the “five-year plan” and decided that we would see as many places as we could before having a baby.  One of my favourite experiences was “winging” a trip around Italy… we literally didn’t know where we staying the next night at it was so exhilarating!  When I got pregnant with our first, we travelled to Mexico, Quebec City, Spain, Morocco, and Dubai toting my little bump across the globe.  After our son, Dylan was born, we realized that kids shouldn’t dictate what we do, lol, so we continued travelling!  I got pregnant with baby #2 while in Australia and continued travelling while pregnant to Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Ottawa, and California.  The rest is history!


 What ideas did you have about travelling with kids that you were surprised to find where different to reality? 

I think we always thought that travelling with small kids was out of the question, but boy were we wrong!  I actually think that travelling with our kids is a lot of times easier than being home!  We keep them so busy when we travel that they are better behaved and I LOVE not having my regular house chores, that I can devote so much more time with them while we are away.

 You children are so well travelled at such young ages and your blog motto is that it is DOABLE.  This is so inspiring – what can you share with us as to how you approach travelling with children. 

It is soo doable! I think the biggest thing is our attitude.  We stay positive always.  When we are on the airplane, I embrace the opportunity to have unlimited hours to spend uninterrupted time with my boys.  We play games, read books, sing songs; I cherish those moments I have with them without any other responsibility!  They are soo much better behaved because they are getting undivided attention from us and we all get closer!  It’s a win-win!


 What does being a Heartfelt Traveller mean to you? 

We make travel a priority because we know that it is these experiences that we will always remember.   I always say I would so much rather spend money on experiences with my family than material possessions.

 Where to next? 

Amsterdam in two weeks!


You can follow Sarah on Instagram at @sarahctravels  or her website at www.sarahctravels.com


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Heartfelt Series

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