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Brenda Pomponio

Brenda Pomponio

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The sand, the sun and the love of the beach!  What better name for this coastal cruising family that Beachseakers.  Meet John and Nikol and their two girls.  You can find Nikol on Instagram at @beachseakers    but beware it will have you craving for an island holiday quicker than you can say pass me the sunscreen.  Such a warm welcome to Beachseakers to the Heartfelt Traveller Community.

Heartfelt Traveller – Nikol from Beachseakers


1. Tell us a bit about your family.  

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We are just your ordinary beach family living in Southern California with our two girls, ages 5 and 7.  We absolutely love our beautiful hometown of Manhattan Beach but we also love travel every chance we get!   

2. So, Beachseakers….where did that name come from? 

We wanted to somehow incorporate “Beach” into our name as we live at the beach and also love travelling to different beach destinations.  Our favourites so far have been Bora Bora, Fiji, Maui, and Costa Rica.  Beachseekers was taken so we decided on Beachseakers, for an extra play on the word “sea”! 🙂

Heartfelt Traveller Nikol from Beachseakers

3. How are you making travel a priority at the moment? 

With both of the girls in school, it has gotten harder to travel as often as we like, but we use every single school holiday to plan trips, and we will also sometimes pull the girls out of school for a few days at a time if we have to.  

4.  Your girls seem to show a lot of personality in the images you share.  How do you involve them in travel decisions and whilst travelling? 

Our girls love travelling as much as we do and it is fun to see them develop this passion and interest.  They usually are excited to go anywhere new, but we do plan a lot of kid-friendly activities for them when we travel so that it’s not us dragging them to everywhere we want to go.  They are pretty much happy anywhere with a pool so we try to find places to stay with a pool if possible! 🙂  They seem to like everywhere we have been, but when we look back at pictures, they will tell us which places they loved the most. Recently, they keep saying Costa Rica and Bora Bora were their favourites, so maybe we’ll plan return trips…

Heartfelt Traveller Nikol from Beachseakers

5.  What are some destinations you have visited recently that really surprised you? 

We recently went to Fiji and didn’t quite know what to expect – thought it would just be another beachy, island destination.  The people there were the most friendly and kind people we have ever met, and this is what we will remember about it.  We never felt like people were doing things for us to receive tips, nor were we ever hassled to buy souvenirs.  It was very refreshing! 

6.  Advice for parents considering travel with their children?

Don’t think that having children should hold you back from travelling!  This is the one thing that has made all of our relationships stronger and bonded our family as a whole.  Our biggest advice would be to be flexible with plans and try not to squeeze too much into your schedule.  You have to know that you might not get to “see it all” and that’s okay!  Also, take the time to do at least one thing on your trip that is just for the kids, whether it’s the pool or the park.  Any kid that travels is a trooper and deserves this! 🙂

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