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Brenda Pomponio

Brenda Pomponio

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One look at Jodie Instagram account and well, you fall in love with the russet hues, the bright blue sky and those magical waterholes.  Jodie has called the Northern Territory home for the past eight years and now shares her love of adventure and travel with her daughter.  You can follow Jodie on IG at territorymama  

Thank you Jodie x


Heartfelt Traveller Jodie from Territory Mama


1. Tell us a little bit about your family?

We are a family of three living in Australia’s Top End. We love adventure, exploring our backyard and venturing to new places.

2. You call yourself Territory Mama and share a lot about living in Darwin, Have you always lived in the Northern Territory?

We’ve been in the Territory now for 8 years my husband almost 13. Like a lot of Territorians, we moved here after we fell in love with the lifestyle.

I first started my account to document my pregnancy and then it evolved to inspire other families to travel and explore with their littles.

3. Travel seems very important to you – what do you think makes a heartfelt traveller?

I’ve always travelled before becoming a Mama and although having little’s with you changes the way we travel it is still something that is very important to us.

A heartfelt traveller I think tries to immerse themselves in the local culture and respects local customs. But also travels as sustainably as possible. I remember reading a quote when I was at university that read “take only photographs, leave only footprints”. This is something I always try to remember wherever our travels take us.

4. What are some aspects of life in the NT people might not know or be surprised about when they visit?

The NT has a very relaxed vibe. A lot of people who visit or choose to stay for awhile often comment how it feels a little behind the rest of Australia, but I think that’s what captures so many people.

A lot of the NT is still mostly untouched and there are so many places to explore where you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. But times are changing so nows the time to visit!

5. What are your top recommendations for families visiting the Northern Territory?

Be prepared. Our climate is very different, particularly if visiting between September- April. Pack lots of water and if you are venturing here in the hotter months try to plan your outings around somewhere you can swim and cool off. We always do hikes this time of year that leads to a beautiful waterhole so we can all cool off. Surprisingly there are lots of different waterholes and waterfalls to choose from, not to mention local pools and water parks.

There is so much here for families, Kakadu, Litchfield, Katherine. But it is also quite spread out, so if you’re short on time you’re best to just pick one area to explore and do it well. Then you may just have to come visit again to see the rest!

6. What advice would you give families wanting to travel with their children?

It really is just something you have to just do. Remember it won’t always go as planned but just go with it, you never know it may end up being better than you planned! Let them lead the way, they will want to stop and look at things that you probably would have just walked on by. See it through their eyes and discover the magic.

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