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Heartfelt Traveller – Chelsea from Family Beach Travel

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Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Welcome to Chelsea and her gorgeous beach loving family to the Heartfelt Series.  Chelsea and her family share their travel journies under the name of @familybeachtravel  and if there account doesn’t make you want to pack your bags and head costal nothing will!  I asked Chelsea about her love of travel, the hopes they have for the children and why the beach has such a strong pull for them.

Heartfelt Traveller Chelsea from Family Beach Travel



1. Tell us about your family

We are both from Orange County, CA. We met and moved to O’ahu to finish college once we got married, then we moved back to San Diego after we graduated. We have 2 kids, Coral(age 4) and Reef(age 2), with a baby girl on the way. We both love the beach, the ocean and surfing. Mike started surfing when he was in high school and Chelsea started surfing when she moved out to Hawai’i. We enjoy surfing, hiking, being outdoors, being active, travelling and having fun. Mike is fluent in Spanish, along with the kids. 

2. Travel seems such an integral part of your family – can you tell us how this came about? 

When we lived in Hawai’i, we wanted to make a goal to visit every island. This was back when there were price wars and roundtrip tickets were about $20 for inter-island flights. When we started visiting each Hawaiian island, we noticed how completely different they were. We caught the travel bug and became more curious about the world around us. Mike also is a big James Bond fan and always wanted to go see the beautiful locations where his favourite movies were filmed. It just happens that there is surf nearby a lot of those locations.. We decided early that our vacations would be surf focused. There is usually a lot to see and do besides just surfing, so we would go to places and experience the culture, food, people, music, lifestyle and surf, among other things. Travelling by yourself is cool. Travelling with your other half is amazing, and travelling with your entire family is one of the most rewarding things you can do in life.

3. The ocean seems to be a very important destination for you.  Are you all beach lovers? 

The ocean is important to us. We are all beach lovers and we are all surfers. Being out in nature is a cathartic and spiritual experience. When we go out to surf, we leave our troubles behind us on the land. We focus on being in the moment, on catching and riding waves, on enjoying nature. Its the same feeling around the world. Being out and surfing alone in Jamaica was just as therapeutic as surfing at our home break.


4.  What has been your travel highlight for this year so far? 

This year, we completed our goal of taking the kids to every continent in a 12 month period. It was a great experience and even though we got a lot out of it, the kids got even more out of it. They have maps on their wall in their bedrooms and they have coloured in the countries they have been to. They tell everyone about all of the countries and places they have been to. They have souvenirs to remind them of their experiences. They talk about it a lot. The world is a very diverse place. We don’t want to just take our kids to a certain region. We want to give them access across the globe.

5.  What are your hopes for Reef and Coral as you travel with them during these childhood years? 

Our hopes for Coral and Reef are that they recognize that they are blessed. We believe and teach our kids that every human being on earth is our brother and sister. We teach them that we are no better, more important or more special than anyone else. We want them to see how other people live, what they eat, what they do for entertainment, how they dress, what their religious worship looks like, how they dance, what their country looks like…etc. We feel like the more familiar they are with others’ situations, the more compassionate and open-minded they will be. We have seen some devastating circumstances in our travels and I hope that our kids learn to appreciate all that they have.

6.  What advice would you give to other parents considering travelling with a family? 

Do it. The whole reason we started @familybeachtravel and www.familybeachtravel.com was to inspire others to be able to take the kids on vacation. A lot of couples who have kids lose their identity. They become mom or dad and they just focus on surviving and not living. After hearing so many people talk about how they would love to take a vacation but they couldn’t imagine bringing their kids, we figured that we would show them and that we would document our travels. You will never regret going on vacation with your family. You more than likely will regret not creating those memories with them when they grow up and leave home.


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