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Heartfelt Traveller – Aubrey from Gypseemuse

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Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Aubrey together with her husband and son seem to really be living the dream.  Not so long ago they “Sold Everything” to begin the journey to full-time travel and have adapted their careers in photography, film and content creation to suit this lifestyle they yearned for so much.  I loved hearing about Aubrey’s transition to full-time travel as a family and what challenges they overcame to make it possible.  Big advocates for the family travel industry Aubrey loves the digital advancements that is making it so much easier for families to travel!


Heartfelt Traveller – Aubrey from Gypseemuse


1.  Tell us about your family

We are a family of 3. My husband Todd, my 6 year old son Oliver, and myself. Home is currently in Arizona where we live out of a 700 sq. Ft apartment. We live a fairly minimalistic way of being and have adopted a rather relaxed lifestyle as we work digitally- there’s no more rush hour in our lives and that makes us very happy! We now rush to catch golden hour (it’s a photographer thing lol). When we aren’t travelling together we are home hiking the local mountains around Phoenix, and I am usually painting, or editing, designing, and planning new campaigns, sets, etc.

Mornings in the French Riviera at our @airbnb if we didn't go to our favorite local cafe, we stayed in and feasted on fresh foods from the organic market just a short walk from our place and then headed off to the beach for a dip in the Med, that was just on the other the other side of those palm trees. During our month here this past winter we made some beautiful memories and since we visited in the off-season it felt like we were the only tourists around. I always link the places we stay in my blog. This one is linked in my French Riviera blog (link in bio) 💕 . . . #airbnb #airbnbphoto #travelingfamily #slowtravel #slowlifestyle #slowliving #familyadventure #frenchriviera #cannes #welivetoexplore #adventurethatislife #flashesofdelight #laptoplifestyle #travelingfamily #entrepreneur #familyofcreatives #artistsofinsta #traveltagged #travelmore #doyoutravel #theoutbound #theglobewanderer #letsgosomewhere

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2.  You have done the whole “Sell it all to travel” – when did travel become really important to you?

My desire to travel to unknown lands has been there since I can remember. My older sister had the opportunity to travel around the world as I was growing up and I remember when she came home I loved hearing her stories and she would always bring me home local trinkets from the locations she visited. So I really think it was her that inspired me originally. It made me realize my interest in travelling very early on. Travelling has become quite the addiction for me ever since. Solo travel was something I had always pictured myself doing so I went on a solo adventure to Italy in 2015. Yes, you could call it the after effect of just having read “Eat, Pray, Love”… but more so, it pretty much made me realize how I really needed to make this dream of mine come true. On that trip is where I threw in the towel, in a sense. I acknowledged that travelling needed to become a regular part of my life because it made me the happiest. That is when it became very obvious to me that I needed to rethink my path and essentially recreate it in order to live on my terms.

3.  How have you adapted to travelling solo compared to travelling as a family?  And do you think nowadays the travel industry is keeping up with families needs? 

Solo travel and travelling as a family are 2 completely different experiences! Both amazing in different ways. When you travel solo you do whatever you want whenever you want, It’s freedom at its finest. When you’re with family you have to consider what everyone else is in the mood for, yet having the ones you love the closest by, and experiencing all the new things together…Nothing compares to that either! On a soul level, both types of travel serve up powerful transformational experiences.

 Travelling as a family is such a breeze nowadays. We love the digital age and we especially take advantage of it while travelling. Within a click, we can have a personal driver pick us up at our door, a 5-star family friendly home to stay in, and a hot dinner delivered to our door if we are too tired to fetch food after an exhausting day of travelling. It’s just too easy these days.

4. Best travel experience this year so far?

We celebrated New Years in the French Riviera after spending the prior month of December exploring the South of France and the next day we took the train to Paris to live for a month. That entire experience was so beautiful. We made so many great memories as a family.

5.  Tell us about your photography business and your motto “Have Camera, Will Travel”? 

We are a family of travelling creatives, which pretty much means we are our own production team. We are the videographers, photographers, art directors, and models in our work. We work with brands to create content for their online campaigns as well as creating our own content for our blog and social media. 

Have Camera, Will Travel refers to the mobility of our lives. We have created a location independent lifestyle. We work exclusively remote and we homeschool our son while we are travelling for longer spurts. We realize how great travel is for him so we have yet to say no to a new travel opportunity even during the school year.

6.  Top tips for family travel? 

 It seems way more daunting than it actually is! I know that varies extremely depending on how many kids you have and what their ages are and/or what their temperament is like. BUT, it is possible if you want it bad enough, you may just have to get creative with it. We sold all of our belongings and 2 cars in order to help sustain our long-term travels. I prefer having a home now and travelling out of it because now with companies like Airbnb, you can make money from your home while you are away on a trip! It’s a win, win. 


You can follow Aubrey on Instagram at @gypseemuse and online at www.thedigitalgypsee.com

Heartfelt Series

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