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Heartfelt Traveller – April from Globetrotting Grommets

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Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

If you haven’t come across Globetrotting Gromets on Instagram yet, well quite honestly I don’t know how, but do yourself a favour and check out this incredible family that have a love for travel and sharing their adventures with the online community.  April, mum to three children, together with her partner Shane reside in Perth and have array of travel destination and experiences to draw on and inspire your next trip!

Heartfelt Traveller – April from Globetrotting Grommets

It doesn't get much better than the last week – Holidaying in the Maldives with my crew and making some amazing memories along the way 🌴 It's not always easy travelling with this lot. It may look like sunshine and roses on those squares I share on my feed but behind the scenes it is often shitfights and tears! These kids fight like crazy lately, especially those older two. There are days when I threaten them with never being invited on another trip with us, and days when we are all best friends. My kids do actually love each other (well I know the little one defnitley loves his big brother. …) but they also need space. They don't do well in each others pockets and I'm finding it gets worse the older they get. 3 weeks seems to be our travel limit these days before one of the kids threatens to gauge the others eyes out with a fork (with full intention of following through given the chance 😂😂) but in those three weeks we have made so many amazing memories as a family and all 5 of us agree that this trip was hands down the best trip ever. So while I sit here drinking a red wine 🍷 at @tunehotels (and try to block out the fighting and crying presently going on…Nanna where areeee you when I need you) and wait for our midnight flight home, I have nothing but a happy heart for such an amazing experience 💖 Thank you @thesunsiyamirufushi . . . . #hosted #grateful #blessed #familyoffive #maldives #sunsiyam #thesunsiyamirufushi #familytravel #familytravelblogger #travelwithkids #family #love #travel #maldiveswithkids

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1.  Tell me about your family 

We are a family of 5 – Shane, April, Alysse who is 11, Max aged 9 and little Jay who is 4. We call beautiful Perth our home and love to travel – obviously!

2.  When did you first get into travel as I read you are a mobile consultant?

I became a mobile consultant two years ago – I figured I may as well combine our passion for travelling into a career and it has been the best step I took!

Ice creams to finish off another huge morning out snorkelling and swimming! It is sooo hot and sunny here at the moment its beautiful we have been so lucky 🌴 Another bonus of this amazing resort is the free unlimited ice cream for the kiddies! Not only that the kids eat free at every restaurant – a huge saving with three kiddies 😁 And in the main restaurant there is a huge play area for the kids which is a real winner with my two boys (I just put a video on my stories for you to see). So much thought has been put into making this an ideal choice for families wanting to holiday in the Maldives and it really is an incredible family friendly resort – and our absolute favourite place in the world! @thesunsiyamirufushi #sunsiyam #thesunsiyamirufushi #hosted . . . . . #maldives #maldiveswithkids #paradise #islandlife #travelwithkids #familytravel #travelblogger #familytravelblogger #maldivian #island #holidayswithkids #fivestarkids #luxuryfamilytravel

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3.  Is travel full time for you and your family and if so what are your main tips for sustaining this lifestyle?

No we aren’t fulltime travellers – as lovely as that would be our main business requires us to be home and onsite majority of the time. Plus our kids are so happy with their lives at home that I could never get them to agree to it! 

4.  What has been a travel highlight for you and family this year so far?

Our trip to the Maldives last months – a lifelong dream of mine and it was just incredible! Will be hard to ever top that experience!

It's been a long time since I introduced ourselves properly to new followers and since I get alot of messages about how we travel fulltime etc I thought Id give you some background info! So we are a family of five from Perth, Western Australia. Alysse is 11 on Wednesday, Max is 8 and Jay is almost 4. And to answer how we travel fulltime – we don't! As lovely as that would be our business doesn't give us that flexibility and we actually love our life at home! We have talked before about leaving for a year of travel but none of the kids want to leave their family and friends (especially all their amazing cousins) for a long period of time, so for now we just travel as often as we can – normally a few times a year but as our addiction grows it seems to be getting more frequent 😂 I am a travel agent working from home while running our main business (commercial roofing company) aswell as running the blog. We especially love to travel through Asia, as being in Perth the flights are super cheap, the value for money is amazing and we just love everything about the Asian countries and people! Oh and cruising…we LOVE to cruise!! We have met so many amazing travel families through this platform, some we are hoping to meet in the very near future, and being able to share our adventures and get advice from each other is just so awesome! The more we travel the more our priorities change ! It has become such a huge part of our lives and there isn't a day that goes by that we aren't looking for cheap flights or researching our next destination. We have stopped spending our money on meaningless materialistic crap that doesn't make us happy and put everything towards showing our kids the world, while they are still young and think their parents are cool and actually want to hang out with us 😂 So thank you for following along, all your comments and advice, and support of Globetrottinggrommets! Such an amazing travel community we have here👌 . . . . . #travelwithkids #familytravel #travelblogger #familytime #familytravelblogger #kotakinabalu #malaysia #holidayswithkids #tinytravellers #exploreasia #littleexplorers #travelagent

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5.  What does being a heartfelt traveller mean to you?

I am so honoured to be featured as a heartfelt traveller – when we started this blog it was a way of journalling our travels and sharing tips and destinations with other like-minded families. Now we have this amazing travel community we are apart of and I have met so many special people through it.

6.  Advice for parents considering travelling with their children.

DO IT! Don’t listen to those who say “why bother they won’t remember it anyway”. That’s like saying Don’t bother reading to them – these memories will be etched into their little minds in one way or another and that’s what it’s all about – Memories. Sure, travelling with kids isn’t as easy as it once was but it is by no means hard. Kids adapt and are so resilient! I love listening to my kids chat about “That time in Vietnam” or ” Remember those birds in Paris”…. it makes it all worth it!


You can follow April in Instagram @globetrottinggrommets  or via her website at www.globetrottinggrommets.com.au


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