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Welcome to fellow Heartfelt Travellers – Susan and her wonderful family from Fam and the Van.

This adorable family are currently trekking across the Northern Territory in a 23ft caravan with their two boys.  It seems that flexibility and spontaneity and Susan’s secrets to family travel success.  One look at their blog and social accounts and you can see that good honest fun is what this family is all about.  It certainly has been craving for the freedom that comes with taking a driving holiday through Australia.

Heartfelt Traveller – Susan from Fam and the Van


Who makes up your family?

We’re a family of four. I’m Susan and my husband is Tim. We’ve got two young boys, Jai who is almost three and Casey has just turned one.


Where can we find you on social media or website?

Our blog is Fam and the Van – www.famandthevan.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/famandthevan

Instagram @famandthevan

Where are you currently calling home? 

Home is where we park it. We’re currently in Katherine in the Northern Territory in our home on wheels. Living in a 23ft caravan gives us familiarity yet the freedom to go where and when we please.


Tell us about what family travel means to you?

Family travel to me means getting away with the family, even if its just for a weekend to break away from the daily grind. We tend to feel so much better after spending time outside, so warm sunny days, swimming, BBQ’s on the beach, outside baths and lots of laughing with the occasional meltdown from the kids are our thing.

What are your current or future travel plans and what is important for you when you consider a destination for your family?

We’re currently in the Northern Territory exploring Katherine and will then head up towards Kakadu, Darwin and Litchfield National Park.
We absolutely love the fact that we can pull up to a great free camp or caravan park and decide how long we want to stay for. We rarely book ahead and find the ‘go with the flow’ attitude works well for us. If we love somewhere then we stay, if not, we move on. For some people that may stress them out however we find that if we’re not locked into anything there’s nothing that can go wrong if we don’t make it somewhere or are caught short on time. This is especially helpful with such young kids because things can change really quickly.
We can’t wait to get over to Western Australia to explore the Kimberly and coastline. We keep a list of all the places we would like to go. Sometimes we get there, sometimes we don’t but WA has the most places on our list. UNADJUSTEDNONRAW thumb 3dc7 - SUSAN FROM FAM & THE VAN


Have you got a special way you document your travels?  A way to store the memories?

I’m one of those people who take a million photos and find it hard to pick which ones to delete. I make sure I keep back ups of the photos but once we return home I’ll print some to keep around the house. Our Instagram page @famandthevan shares the highlights (and lowlights) of our travels. I also love scrolling back through the photos reminiscing on where we’ve been and seeing how much the boys have grown up.

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What would you say to others considering travelling as a family?  What advice would you offer?

Do it! It’s one of those things that you’ll never regret.
The first four weeks of living in a caravan are the hardest. It’s takes a while for everyone to settle into a new routine, environment, sleeping arrangements and change of pace. Not to mention the fact of being together 24/7.
Even thought the boys won’t remember much from this trip it’s shaping who they are and how they’ll grow and develop. Tim and I are both so lucky to have this quality time with them while they’re so young and whilst it can definitely be challenging we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. My advice for other families looking to give it a go would be to find the perfect caravan, camper trailer or tent that will suit your family. Make things as easy as possible so you can enjoy yourself. You don’t even need to travel for an extended period of time to reap the rewards of what traveling with your family will bring.
I’m not going to sugar coat it and say it’s perfect all the time because it’s not, but either is being at home or at work so why not have an adventure of a lifetime and create everlasting memories with the people that matter the most to you.


Thank you so much Susan for sharing your heartfelt traveller story with us.

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