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Welcome to the Heartfelt Traveller series to introduce you to a fellow family traveller.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Jade of Wolf and Moses. Jade blogs about all things luxury family travel over at Wolf & Moses and her philosophy is about inspiring other families to travel with their children, accept the mishaps and mayhem that accompanies travel but to give it a go anyway.

So let’s learn more about this wonderful Heartfelt Traveller  – Jade from Wolf & Moses 

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1. Who makes up your family?

Myself, my husband Luca and my two boys Archer (4) and August (1)

2.  Where are you currently calling home?

We live in the Yarra Valley, 30mins drive out of Melbourne, Australia

3. Tell us about what family travel means to you?

Family travel to me is so important as I believe it allows children to learn and grow so much as individuals as well as bringing the family closer together. By having the opportunity to travel children also gain a greater understanding of others and it allows them to embrace the similarities and differences we share with others all around the world. There really is nothing better than all being able to adventure together as a family!

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4.  What are your current or future travel plans and what is important to you and your family when choosing a travel destination?

We have just returned this week from Port Douglas, in Far North Queensland, Australia one of our favourite Australian destinations to visit. We actually don’t have any future trips with the family planned yet (which is unusual for us!) but I’m planning hopefully to book another getaway for September. My husband and I are having a kid-free trip to Qualia on Hamilton Island, Australia for our wedding anniversary later in the year which I’m very excited about. We will also head to Europe in 2018 for their summer which I have just started to think about.  What is important to me when we are considering a destination for our family is what luxury accommodation is available and what will be most suitable for our family. I have two young children so the destination must suit them first and foremost.

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5.  Have you got a special way to document your travels?  A way you store the memories?

Instagram! Haha we actually don’t have anything in particular that we do sadly, maybe I need to! At the end of each year I make an album, which obviously includes all our travels, but thats about it!

6. What would you say to other families considering travel?  What advice would you offer?

Just jump in and do it! Plan a trip, somewhere you have always wanted to go or even just a weekend away not far from home. A lot of people are hesitant to travel with children but it really is the best fun! My advice would be to just relax and go with it! There will be bumps in the road as there often is when children are involved, which doesn’t differ if you are at home or away, but it is so worth it.


Thank you Jade for giving us some insight into your love of family travel.  Enjoy your upcoming travel.

Be sure to check out Jade on her website or on Instagram.

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