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A very warm Melbournian welcome to my next Heartfelt Traveller Eliza who has just made Melbourne her home (and I consequently, have just moved back myself after a 4 years) so it is really lovely to be able to connect with another family, whose passion for faamily travel inspires them to create something amazing.  Eliza creates wonderful children’s travel journals and has made two journals based around travel in Bali and also Sydney.  Her aim is for children to be able to document the little moments of their trip, elements that are often forgotten if they are not written, drawn or photographed.  Sounds like a fabulous way to document a trip for children of all ages.

So please help me welcome our latest Heartfelt Traveller Elisa from My Awesome Adventures.


Ruby and Ella in Bali 1024x683 - Heartfelt Traveller - Eliza from My Awesome Adventure

Who makes up your family?

Eliza, my husband Phillip and my two gorgeous girls, Ruby (11) and Ella (9)

house blessing ceremony Bali - Heartfelt Traveller - Eliza from My Awesome Adventure

Where can we find you on social media or website?


Facebook : @MyAwesomeAdventure

Instagram: @awesomeadventurejournal

Where are you currently calling home? 

Melbourne is currently home. I’ve never lived here before so it’s a brand new experience for me.

Tell us about what family travel means to you?

love travelling with my family! They’re fun, adventurous and up for anything. I know it’s a cliche but travelling together as a family brings you closer. It’s a wonderful feeling to experience new things together, whether it be almost missing a flight (!), tasting new food or meeting new people. They’re memories that you all share and you can’t put a price on that.

Me and the gals in the pool with big phillip splash 1024x683 - Heartfelt Traveller - Eliza from My Awesome Adventure

What are your current or future travel plans and what is important for you when you consider a destination for your family?

We’ll be heading to Bali shortly. It’s our home away from home having lived there for five years. My family is in Sydney so we’ve got a couple of trips planned in the next month. There’s also talk of a trip to Paris to see my best friend but nothing locked in as yet! I have to confess, we’re not very organised travellers. We tend to take off at a moments notice.

Have you got a special way you document your travels?  A way to store the memories?

Funny you should ask! I’ve created two kid’s travel journals: My Awesome Bali Adventure and My Awesome Sydney Adventure. I’m a really strong believer in documenting experiences, whether it be in pictures or words. There is something so wonderful about looking back at the adventures you’ve had. It’s so easy to forget the little things. Kids are really observant and they see, hear, smell and feel things so acutely. Journaling is the perfect way to channel that. I’m lucky that my husband is a great photographer so we’ve got some beautiful visual memories.

Ella in the Bali rice paddies - Heartfelt Traveller - Eliza from My Awesome Adventure

What would you say to others considering travelling as a family?  What advice would you offer?

Just do it! We loved living in Bali and traveling through Asia when the kids were young. They have so many great memories. The younger you start, the more they get used to it. My kids pack their own bags now (although it was touch and go in the early days – we did end up with a suitcase full of party dresses on a three day trip to Singapore!) and can navigate comfortably around an airport. If your kids are old enough, get them involved in the planning. Our kids loved picking out hotels (within budget, of course!) and restaurants or landmarks they’ve researched. Be flexible. If your kids need a nap and you miss a museum because it’s closed, so be it! Half the fun is just being there and in the moment with them!

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