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A Big welcome to Bronwyn from Simply for Flying.  Bronwyn is most certainly a Heartfelt Family Traveller, and in this interview she shares with us her passion for family travel but also her creation of a documenting children’s travel adventures.  If you follow her on Instagram you will have seen the marvellous log book designed to capture your children’s flight miles. Let’s see where they are heading next!

Heartfelt Traveller – Bronwyn from @simplyforflying

IMG 0890 - Heartfelt Traveller - Bronwyn from Simply FlyingWho makes up your family?

Married, 3 children aged 10Y/8Y/10 months

Where can we find you on social media or website?

www.simplyforflying.com / @simplyforflying on instagram/Facebook/twitter

Where are you currently calling home? 

Singapore , Singapore

IMG 0891 - Heartfelt Traveller - Bronwyn from Simply FlyingTell us about what family travel means to you?

Making memories and spending quality together as a family would have to be the highlight of family travel for me. Our lives are so busy and I feel its the one time where we can actually all come to our senses and forget about the world around us, just experiecing the here and now.

What are your current or future travel plans and what is important for you when you consider a destination for your family?

We are about to fly to the Maldives, this will be our 3rd visit in two years! We’ve actually never returned to a resort but we had such a wonderful experience the last time that we visited that we had to go again. It ticked all our boxes for a relaxing time away and to spend quality time with our children. We travel frequently being based in Singapore. An ideal location to visit both of our families in Australia and the Northern Hemisphere.

We will be returningto the Europe for the 6 week Christmas break to spend time in Berlin/Munich, Germany and Switzerland. If we’re holidaying in the warmer seasons we like to select destinations where we can do part cultural, part beach so that the entire family has a great break, not too much of the one thing. In April we’re spending a week in Sri Lanka and although not a long stay we’ll be exposing our children to tea plantations which will be less of an interest to them but will then spend a few days along the coast near Galle so they can have some beach time.

Have you got a special way you document your travels?  A way to store the memories?

We do for our children! I’m the creator of the Simply for Flying logbook.  An easy to handle passport size logbook which helps record all our children’s flying adventures with the assistance of the Captain/Flight deck and they often leave a personal message and additional keepsakes like weather and flight maps of invitations to the cockpit once the plane has landed.A unique and timeless keepsake and one the children can really become involved with.

IMG 0892 - Heartfelt Traveller - Bronwyn from Simply FlyingWhat would you say to others considering travelling as a family?  What advice would you offer?

To start as soon as possible. Like with most things the earlier they get used to travelling and being part of the process the easier they will adapt to new places, cultures and experiences. Children are sponges and exposing them to the wonderful world we have is priceless. If you have older children like ours its great to get them intetested in the place you are visiting ahead of time, through books and the internet. Travelling with little ones you have to be realistic about what you can manage to see and do. Let’s face it you’re not going to be able to go out for a romantic dinner and expect your infant / young child to be on their best behaviour 🙂

Thank you Bronwyn!

Happy Travels



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