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How to display your travel souviners

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Written by: Prue Tully

Written by: Prue Tully

Interior Stylist

Interior Designer, Decorator and Stylist. However, I think of myself as a problem solver. I love nothing more than to walk into a space and imagine its potential. From interiors to dinner tables, wrapping presents to plating food, I have a passion for making things look beautiful and, I love being inspired by other creatives.

How to display your travel souvenirs

As an interior stylist, one aspect I often get asked about is how to display travel souvenirs in a stylish and creative way. Displaying and showcasing travel momentos and souvenirs is the one sure fire way to conquer those post-holiday blues.  Are you a happy snapper, collector of trinkets, hoarder of tickets? Whatever your vice, here are four ways in which you can style and display these treasures in your home.

Think Vertical

Artwork, posters and prints are not the only items for your walls. Collected baskets from Africa, tiles from Portugal, porcelain from England and all the beauties in-between; can look amazing displayed hanging on a wall. Group together the same objects and pay attention to the colour gradient, size, pattern and symmetry. This gallery-like display can look wonderful in a corridor that needs some TLC or on a wall that requires a focal point.

OFT How to display travel souvenirs - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs2 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs3 - How to display your travel souviners

TOP  https://www.instagram.com/p/BO_11AXFi2t/

CENTRE https://apairandasparediy.com/2017/08/diy-hat-rack/

BOTTOM http://www.dcnewhomes.com/interieur-borden-aan-muur/

Put A Lid On It

Perfect for those smaller items like tickets, shells, coins, magnets, trinkets etc. Pop your collected treasures in a jar and seal your memories forever. Create a custom swing tag with the destination, date or even an anecdote of your travels. These jars can look wonderful displayed on their own or in a collection. Play around with different sized jars or, place in glass shadow boxes to create a visually intriguing collection.

OFT How to display travel souvenirs4 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs5 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs6 - How to display your travel souviners

LEFT & CENTRE https://www.apartmenttherapy.com/2016-to-do-collect-the-years-memories-in-this-cute-and-organized-way-226315?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=tracking&utm_campaign=inline-img-share

RIGHT http://www.westelm.com.au/glass-shadow-boxes-d1399


In A Material World

If you have an eye for fabric, linen or carpet on your travels, think outside the square when it comes to returning home and how you might style or display the striking items. A gorgeous rug from Turkey, a traditional kimono from Japan or a linen tablecloth from Provenace can make for a breathtaking bedhead. The weight and texture of the material will guide you as to the best installation however, a simply curtain rod screwed into the wall and the fabric draped over it can look dreamy.

OFT How to display travel souvenirs8 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs7 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs9 - How to display your travel souviners

LEFT https://www.urbanoutfitters.com/shop/display-headboard-rod?color=&quantity=1&type=REGULAR

CENTRE https://domino.com/best-above-bed-decor/image/5935d1688054a527153b0713
RIGHT https://www.marthastewart.com/273531/quilt-headboard

 Head Over Heels

So you fell totally, and utterly, head over heels in love with your travel destination. As such, you not only took a million photos but you kept every museum entrance ticket, bought all the typical souvenirs and kept all your dog-eared maps. You’ve returned home and all you do is daydream about your travels there. It’s time to create a shrine! This look works best when you run a critical eye over each of the objects and ask yourself “do I really need to see a ticket stub displayed”? I find a beautiful way to style and display such a collection is to keep in mind symmetry and unison. How can you display the items so they look curated and, not just like they are an afterthought? Think about framing your pictures all in the one type of frame so that there is continuity. Incorporate a credenza or side table to anchor the display and create a surface for the various objects. Finally – fresh flowers make any space and fragrance can help transport you to another place. Whatever your destination, I’m sure there is a flower or scented candle that reminds you of your travel location. Red roses from England, frangipanis from Fiji or the incenses of India – think about those finishes touches that will really help transport your happy place.

OFT How to display travel souvenirs10 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs11 - How to display your travel souvinersOFT How to display travel souvenirs12 - How to display your travel souviners

LEFT http://www.annawithlove.com/2015/11/the-london-collection.html/

CENTRE http://www.annawithlove.com/2016/11/the-black-white-collection.html/

RIGHT http://theeverygirl.com/clean-and-bright-inside-a-photographers-home-studio-space

Whatever your souvenir keepsakes, remember that when it comes to displaying collections don’t be restricted by traditional styling. Take a risk and think outside the square as, that’s when you’ll fall in love all over again with your dream destination.

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