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london 58 576x1024 - Top 8 kids movies that inspire travelInspiring a love of travelling in your children can be as simple as picking the right movies for them to watch.  The world can seem a huge place for small children, but breaking down sights and possibilities into the realm of fantasy and amazing characters, it will begin to spark the interest of travelling and all that it has on offer.

Here are our top 8 movies to inspire travel in children

  1. Ratatouille  – An animated story about a rat who loves cooking and eating good food.  Set if Paris, France, this ticks all the boxes if you want your children to fall in love with everything French!
  2. Up – A story of an old man who wants to fulfil his wife’s long ambition to visit South America.  Mr Fredrickson uses his house with hundreds of helium balloons to get himself there and accidentally takes scout Russell with him, a young boy.  Their adventures are amazing and heroic.  Travel doesn’t need to be real, a floating house will do just fine. 
  3. Cars – The story about an American celebrity race car who finds himself off the beaten track in a run-down country town on Route 66  and gets in trouble with the law so is obligated to stay and repair the road that he damaged.  During this time, he begins to really find delight with his new friends and their love for their town.  If you have ever considered America as a travel destination, you may just want to add Route 66 to the list. 
  4. The sound of music  – ahh…my old time favourite – what is not to love about this movie!  The Austrian backdrop sure does help, the catchy music will get your kids hooked as well.
  5. Bed knobs and broomsticks – every child dreams of finding a magical place that no else knows about. Well in this classic story, they do just that!  Imagine flying through the air on a bed, travelling deep into the ocean and dancing with fish, and playing soccer with a lion that is also a king! 
  6. Harry Potter – If you are planning a trip to the UK, then get them hooked on Harry Potter asap!  A young English boy who is destined to be a wizard with the English and Scottish backdrop to ignite anyone’s travel appetite.
  7. Paddington – Oh the cutest bear they ever wrote about, Paddington arrives in London after being sent away from Peru by his great aunt.  He finds a family to take him in, but his adaption to human life doesn’t seem to go to plan and his experiences in London are hilarious and frightening in equal measures!
  8. Peter Pan  The most iconic travel movies of all time I think.  Sit back, and take your children to never land. 

What movies do you remember watching that inspired you to travel?

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