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Written by: Prue Tully

Written by: Prue Tully

Interior Stylist

Interior Designer, Decorator and Stylist. However, I think of myself as a problem solver. I love nothing more than to walk into a space and imagine its potential. From interiors to dinner tables, wrapping presents to plating food, I have a passion for making things look beautiful and, I love being inspired by other creatives.

It’s with a such a heartwarming welcome that I introduce you to Prue Tully – stylist and interior decorator to this months Italy themed list of guest.  Prue is an avid traveller and amoungst her many talents loves to create amazing spaces that have been inspired from her clients’ travels.  Today I have asked her to create something special and of course Italian!  It is something magical to travel and want to bring back the essence of style and flair into your home.  With the expert knowledge of an interior stylist, they can help you add some cultural flair to your home to always remind you of a special destination!

Recreate Venice in your home 





As an interior designer and stylist, I’m often asked by clients to recreate the look and feel of a place they have visited on their travels. It could be a restaurant in New York, a tiny AirBnB apartment in Tokyo, a courtyard swimming pool in Copenhagen or, a guesthouse in Provence. Sometimes, they talk me through it over a cup of tea, excited as they remember the feeling when they first walked into the space. Other times, they share a photo they have taken of the particular details that made their heart sing.  As I listen, I try to envisage myself in that space. Is it the colours they love, the texture, the treasures? It’s my challenge to try and work out what it was that moved them and, then recreate that lasting first impression. Like my clients, I’m constantly inspired by my travels. I recall my first trip to Venice with my then boyfriend, now husband, Steve.

We found the cutest open plan apartment down one of the many intricate laneways. It was to be our home for the next four nights and we loved everything about it. With its gorgeous timber shutters, exposed wood beams, fading paintwork and crumbling plasterit felt like a romantic Italian cliche. The furniture was an eclectic mix of old antiques coupled with Ikea accent pieces and terrific graphic posters. The colours were earthy with pops of bright hues here and there to create interest. There was a fabulous bookshelf – piled high with preloved issues of Italian Vogue and travellers novels. There was a modern red Venetian glass chandelier that hung beautifully above the intimate circular dining table. The bedhead was provincial in style and, had the most charming of floral quilts draped over the mattress. The bedside table looked handmade, using wire in a weaving technique to give it form and strength. Upon the table sat a jug of fresh flowers most probably purchased from one of the charming street markets. I recall an old trunk was positioned near the bed to place your travelling bags upon.

All the pieces were nothing show-stopping on their own but, the way they had been lovingly curated left me feeling both welcomed and inspired.


Create a Venetian Look in your Home



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• Polo Club Small Canvas and Timber Trunk Table $859 (www.livingstyles.com.au)

• Weekend Away Bag $149.99 (www.theiconic.com.au)

• Vintage Poster $125 (www.allposters.com.au)

• San Marco Murano Glass Chandelier POA (www.studioitalia.com.au)

• Argentina Side Table $300 (http://www.satara.com.au/)

• Glass Jug (Pinterest)

• French Provincial Toulouse Rattan Headboard $829.00 (www.templeandwebster.com.au)

• Dark Floral Cotton Quilt Cover $279.95 (www.templeandwebster.com.au)

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