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Planning a family travel adventure – where to start?

By November 9, 2018 No Comments
Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

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Planning a family travel adventure – but where to start?

You want to plan a family trip but don’t know where to start. Perhaps you are worried about choosing the right destination, the length of travel and what you will do when you get there.  All of these are important factors and planning a family adventure and it takes time and consideration.

Here are a few helpful ways to get started.

How many days or weeks are you planning for? 

If you are travelling for less than a week stay close by.  Children are often disturbed by long-haul flights that if you were to squeeze in a long flight their jet lag might still be around by the time you need to return.  Consider locations within 1-2 hours by plane or 4-6 hours by car if you plan to stop and see sights along the way.   If you are planning a longer holiday then work out how many destinations you feel you can fit in and how long between each move.

Enjoyment + level of activity

Consider what your family enjoy.  If you hate the feel of the sand between your toes a beach holiday may not be for you or perhaps you need a bit of rest and recuperation and like the idea of an in-house restaurant or breakfast provided daily.  Activities are generally what will lure you to one destination over another and working out what it is you want to spend your spare time on will help you decide.   Consider working out your hot spots and even trying to get accommodation close by which will save on transport in and out of cities and towns.

Age + Stage

How old your children are and their stages of development can be a big factor in choosing a holiday destination that will suit not only the parents but also the children.  Does that resort you’re thinking of staying have a toddler pool or games room.  Is your holiday rental walking distance to shops and cafe’s so you can avoid hiring a car?  Is a ground floor hotel room going to benefit your family so the kids can run in and out rather than up flights of stairs or using the elevator?   If your children are small and still napping or require a pushchair you may plan to head out first thing each morning for a family outing and choose a quiet activity in the afternoon.  Consider how  your children might fit into your chosen destination to help you get the most out of it.

Keeping it simple

If this is your first family holiday, keeping it simple is the key.  You don’t want to put unnecessary pressure on yourselves and your children to do everything and see everything.  If you have sights you want to see make a list and work out what is a priority and work out if you do have enough time.  Remember you are there to enjoy each moment, not just cram as much in as possible.  Being flexible is the key.

Pack light

I can’t stress this enough but for any travel journey with children, the key is to pack light.  Work out how you will manage kids and suitcases or backpacks and if you are heading to the airport work out a configuration of luggage that still enables you to be able to help your children if they need to. If they are older, get them to help!

Remember to have fun! 

The whole idea of a family adventure is usually to have fun, enjoy a change of scenery and soak up each others company – so tell your self no matter what challenges you come across, they are moments and will pass and seek out those special times that will put a smile wide on your face and last memories in your heart.

If you have any planning tips for preparing for family travel – drop your suggestions into the comments section below.

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