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Nurturing your spouse on a family holiday

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Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Ok – so you’re on a travel adventure and for a majority of the time your main focus as either been ensuring the children are fed, clothed, not missing, not requiring a toilet stop, watered and are looking in the direction when you say “hey, look at that beautiful building, beach, monument or statue”  However, at times during said travel sojourns, we focus on other important aspects of the trip such as the location of the passports, tickets to the train, packing the luggage adequately, where the closest supermarket it, what reviews the restaurant down the street gets and so on and so forth.

So, where down the list of travel priorities is your relationship?  You know the one that helped you make those small travellers and are currently parenting them with you as you travel?  Yeah, that person.

How do you nurture that person when for 24/7 you are now a travelling family and perhaps like so many of us, your routine of school, daycare, babysitters and family support are no longer.

Again – I have turned to the brains trust and collectively there are now some stellar tips for you to ensure you bump that relationship nurturing up a bit higher on your travel manifesto.

Nurturing your relationship whilst travelling 


“We have made a point of keeping a strong bedtime routine.  When we feel we need to treat ourselves as a couple, we order take out and have a date at our accommodation.  We also take photos of us without the kids.  We just started doing this.  Looking back at them at the end of the day it is lovely to see our connection along with our connection we have with the kids.


“If we travel with someone else like grandparents, friends etc, we always make sure we get one night out without the kids.  We love to go to a restaurant or just do an evening walk if we are in a new place and we want to explore more.  If it is just the 4 of us, we always try to get a takeaway meal with some typical local food and have it after the kids are asleep.  Just enjoying an evening together whilst the girls are in bed.




Nurturing our own relationship while travelling with kids is a little challenging at times because the children’s comfort tends to come first. We’re not, and doubt will ever be, a family who will book a resort to use a Kids Club. Nor will we use a nanny or babysitter whilst travelling, mainly because we prefer to experience adventures with the kids rather than without them. “Us time” tends to happen whilst the kids are in bed when we take ourselves out to our accommodation balcony and chat over a bottle of wine. Otherwise, when our kids find other children of similar ages to play with nearby, we might catch some time to ourselves for a little bit. That said because we only travel for short stints, we’ve come to realise that time to ourselves (without the kids) is a little limited during travel times, and that’s OK! We’ve got the rest of the year to catch up!


After recently embarking on a caravanning trip around Australia with her husband and 4 children, Jodi reflects “spending 24/7 together we have each other’s backs, we are sharing all the jobs and just enjoying the slow nomad life – oh and really good sex”  has been the key to strengthening her relationship.

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Travel parents summed up: * are the kids happy? * where can we buy snacks? * kids menu? * we need a bottle of wine? * you need the toilet again? Right now? * family ticket please 😛 * saying yes to gelato anytime of day because it’s holidays and you need a break from saying no. Vegetables can wait. * walk and I’ll buy you a gelato * not much further 😵 * be nice to your sisterbrother and I’ll buy you a gelato * we are on holidays too, try and find your own socks, shoes, hat, bag, towel 😜 * did I mention wine? Oh, here are your socks! . . . #ourfamilytravels #familytravel #familytravelblogger #inspiretravel #inspirefamilytravel #parentswhotravel #travelparents #italy #sicily #visitsicily #travelmums #travelwriter #travelismywork #sicilycountryhouse #

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We find our expectations during travel really shift.  Parenting + Travel can be challenging enough.  So, our tips to nurturing your spouse really come down to being kind to each other and making sure everyone’s needs and happiness takes priority over anything else.  Share the load whilst travelling.    Send your spouse on a solo adventure for the day, or wake up and make them breakfast in bed or duck out and get a coffee.     If your children are older find accommodation with separate rooms so you and your spouse can have some alone time and talk to your children about these expectations so you are all on board.

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Making time for each other is often easter when we travel as there’s jsut more time to allow for it!  We make sure we give each other space for a bit of solo time – which usually means me hunting down the local lyengar yoga studio and for my husband, the gym. We’re lucky that both our children still have day naps so our “couple time” is usually those peaceful hours in the middle of the day where we can reflect on the morning we’ve just had and plan our afternoon adventures.  Given food is one of our shared passions, it’s usually scouting the best place for us to eat dinner.


“I think it’s all about the little things, especially when travelling with kids as we get limited time alone and everything can be so go go go at times.  I find a sneaky handhold rub on the back of the arm when he is driving, or even just making him a snack when we isn’t expecting one let’s him know I’m thinking of him.  Simple and effective.”

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