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Get that Modern Cabin Style in your home

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Written by: Prue Tully

Written by: Prue Tully

Interior Stylist

Interior Designer, Decorator and Stylist. However, I think of myself as a problem solver. I love nothing more than to walk into a space and imagine its potential. From interiors to dinner tables, wrapping presents to plating food, I have a passion for making things look beautiful and, I love being inspired by other creatives.

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Modern Cabin Style

When I create mood boards for clients, I love nothing more than to envisage myself in that space. Totally submerge all my senses so I can design the most harmonious interior, both functionally and aesthetically.

Have you been lucky enough to spend a weekend getaway in a cosy cabin? Escape the pace of everyday life, head to the hills and immerse yourself in the beauty, and tranquillity, of mother nature and let your children run wild in the outdoors?

When I picture cabin style I find myself drifting towards hidden forests, snowy climates, lake views, tall mountains, pine fragrance, hot chocolate, crackling fires, piles of good books and silence.

So, how can you recreate this look and ambience back at home whilst still making it modern?

Texture – don’t be afraid to experiment with coupling contrasting textures. This helps to create interest and, can bring a balance of both feminine and masculine styles. Think soft faux fur cushions, timber accent pieces and two-dimensional wallpaper.

Light – when it comes to styling and designing your interior, lighting is one of the most important elements. Be it natural light or from a powered source, the colour and strength can help to create that perfect setting. Modern Cabin Style requires beautiful natural light. However, think about ways of making that more subtle during daylight hours like incorporating the use of sheer curtains or even outdoor awnings. The use of table lamps, floor lamps and beautiful candles can help create the perfect, cosy mood at night.

Scentwe know that the sense of smell is closely linked with memory. As such, there’s no better way than to instantly transport yourself to a beautiful cabin retreat than to burn a scented candle or, have a diffuser in the room. Fragrances such as pine, moss and forest would be on my must-have list! Furthermore, a bowl of freshly foraged pinecones displayed in a lovely vessel can add both texture, fragrance and interest to a coffee table.

If you focus on these three elements, you’ll soon find yourself having created a gorgeous Modern Cabin Style that you can escape to each evening.

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