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Kids + Technology while you travel

By December 5, 2018 No Comments
Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Travel + Kids + Technology – best recommendations?

WANDERJACK 22 - Kids + Technology while you travel

You’re planning a holiday with your kids and your not sure about the addition of technology!  It can be a daunting prospect to travel with or without technology these days and as a generation with children raised with technology from such a young age it is now up to us to navigate how and when it’s used and implemented into our daily lives including on holidays.

Let’s discuss and how to travel with kids and technology

  1. Establish their habits at home

Before you put a blanket rule on technology for your next vacation consider how your children use it at home.  If they are substantial users a nil approach might be met with tension and frustration.  Monitor their daily use or the amount of time you offer allow screen or device time to really help sway your decision.

2.  Your travel time

Are you going on a big road trip or long-haul flight?  Consider how you like to be entertained and also your children.  A long trip can be especially boring for youngsters and the distractions of a few games or watching a favourite movie might help elevate this. 

3.  Plan ahead

Work out which items of technology you will bring.  Is it an iPad?  A spare phone with some apps for the kids to play?  Work it all out, get your accounts and subscriptions up to date and movies or apps downloaded and ready to go.  It will only end in frustration for both adult and child if their device doesn’t work mid travel.

4.  Set some rules

Ok – so you’re on holiday, of course, you want to explore not sit on a screen all day.  Set some rules that will work for your family.  Can they access their device while in transit like on a train ride?  Or perhaps after dinner?  Setting rules at the beginning of the trip will again help with expectations around how technology will be used during travel

5.  Get creative!

Technology these days has so many features it would be a shame not to use this to your advantage.  Use it to help your children learn about their travel experience.  Your children could start a digital photo diary or download a travel book and read about their next destination.   It can also help with school work if your children will miss any classes.  Download some worksheets!  This can help minimise the need for lugging around extras like notebooks and novels. 

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