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Give the gift of Travel

By December 22, 2018 No Comments
Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

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Christmas is here – it is upon us.  We have been winding down, getting ready for the festivities that is Christmas and marvelling at how various nations, countries, religions and families celebrate this time of year.  If you are new to our community, thank you for joining us.  If you have been a long time member – we thank you also.  Your contributions, connection and the sharing of heartfelt family travel are what really makes this place so special.  With that in mind, we have one last message before signing off for the year and that is to consider the gift of travel this Christmas.

If you are just starting out on your family travel journey – not yet sure how to dip your toe into this world of unknown and uncertainty please don’t be afraid.  If you are seasoned travellers and still feel the need to procure a tangible item to place under the tree for your loved ones, now can be the time to shift focus on what a gift can mean.  Yes, children love tangible items they can hold and play with, and I’m not suggesting we all take a grinch approach and leave the tree bare.  Oh no!  In fact, here are a few ways a gifting experience can really ignite travel for you all.

  1. A family trip – It doesn’t have to be far, or expensive so consider gifting the whole family a trip somewhere.  Go to that next town, head to the hills, the beach or take a day trip to a place you’ve never been.  A great idea could be to get a spare box, make some clues or a voucher and wrap it up!  All of you can enjoy opening a gift that really is for everyone.  If you have older children, they could be in charge or selecting an activity or place for lunch.
  2. Watch a destination based documentary – when the Christmas movies are over, what next?  plant the seed of interest by introducing documentaries about travel into your holiday plans.  Pick a destination and marvel and what there is to explore and do.  It will soon get your bucket list growing.
  3. Be a tourist in your own town – not travelling this festive season?  I urge you to be a tourist in your own town. Its so much fun and really it will surprise you just how much there is that you haven’t done that all the tourists are lining up to do.
  4. Subscribe to some great family based travel mags like Kids National Geographic, or Lonely Planet Kids.
  5. Start a holiday account – open up a bank account or buy a money box for the family.  Work out ways you can all contribute your loose change or pocket money and watch it grow!

From the team at Our Family Travels, we thank you so much for being apart of this heartfelt community. We are excited about 2019 and some wonderful projects we are working on that we cannot wait to share with you.

We wish you all a wonderful festive season no matter where you find yourself and happy new year.  May it be filled with excitement, joy, adventure and heartfelt travel.

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