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Top Camera Gear we take on our holidays….

We are pretty serious about capturing our holidays when we travel.  I mean, I love taking photos, so I guess that makes it a priority and I have freelanced as a photographer for the last four years so taking photos is a pretty big deal for me.  You can read more about how I founded OFT here. 

Having the right devices, technology, back up and systems in place to make taking your holiday memories are something you should ensure you spend enough time considering.

I can be expensive exercise to accumulate the right amount of gear, and when we travel it is a bit of a decision about what camera gear to take and what to leave at home (if any) as it can get heavy, not to mention it can be onerous on the carrier especially when, your role as parent and carer of your children mean to may be carrying their bag, their jumper, their water bottle or even them at some stage.  Making the right choice in camera gear is so vital.  Let’s look at some options.

IMG 0031 - Camera gear we use on holidays IMG 9979 - Camera gear we use on holidays

(above is a comparison of two photos – one taken with my iphone, the other with the Fuji Xt-1. Can you tell which is which?) 

Your phone

Of course, these days technology has come along way with the humble camera phone.  Your best port of call for capturing those in the moment shots or when the camera is at the bottom of your bag and you won’t have the time getting it out.  I have the iPhone 7plus and the quality of these photos are just amazing.  Paired with some great free editing apps, sometimes it’s hard to remember if the photos was a photo from my phone or my DSLR!

childrenimages 29 - Camera gear we use on holidays

(photo taken on the Fuji camera on a timer )

Smaller camera 

this can be either a pocket camera or one that still offers many of the features of a DSLR but more compact.  My choice when we were travelling a few years ago was to invest in the Fuji XT-1 mirrorless camera.  I choice the 23mm 1.4f lens and haven’t been happier with my travel photos.  The controls are great, it has that vintage look at the specs really make this a stand out camera with 16MP, ISO range of 200-6400 (up to 51200) and  1080/30fps HD video.  One of the features I absolutely love about this camera is the wifi connectivity, meaning I can load photos straight to my phone or iPad, or even set the camera up and use my phone as a remote, even changing the setting via my camera.  I travelled through England, Italy, France, New Zealand, Scotland and Denmark and the images I took with this camera were sharp and I was very pleased! I would love to add another lens to this kit to make it a little more flexible, but at this stage, it’s fine as is. 

WJ Venice 22 - Camera gear we use on holidays

(landscape shot taken with DSLR Canon 5dmiii)


Due to my freelance work, I did invest in a Canon 5D mark iii and it very quickly became a much-loved item.  It is a big camera (especially when you add the battery grip), but the full frame Canon is an amazing camera and full function manual options are brilliant.  I love this camera for taking those epic landscape shots, and whilst I don’t have a large zoom lens, I do have the flexibility of more options with a 25-150mm lens which can help crop or widen my scope, unlike my Fuji kit that I currently have. It doesn’t have wifi connectivity, but I heard now you can buy wifi SD cards which sound incredible, however, I am not really using this camera for social media shots, so I haven’t found the need to explore this further.

GOPR0820 1 - Camera gear we use on holidays

(photo captured from a video file off the go pro)

Go Pro Hero 5

 I didn’t intend to get a Go Pro and it was only because I had accumulated so many Flybuys points that I thought it was worth getting.  It has turned out to be a great memory keeper and because of it, we are taking way more video and making more memories in the way of short videos with funky music in the background. The elements that I love about the Go Pro are pretty endless.  It’s small (awesome!), it has great manual features so you can shoot 4k video if you like or take lower res images.  The waterproof ability means you don’t have to worry about it when by the beach, it’s raining or you want to throw it in your bag right near your drink bottle. The kids have taken a fascination with it and often enjoy taking little videos of each other which is really sweet and another great memory marker that I’m not organising or staging.   The video above is a few snippets of footage the kids have taken. Another great feature is creating photos from the video footage you take.  So I can freeze a frame and record it as a video. Below is a photo saved from a video file.  I know in years to come I am going to love looking back on these. 


Milan 1 - Camera gear we use on holidays

(Slow shutter speed made possible with the use of a tripod)

Other elements that are really handy! 

If are your uploading your photos whilst travelling I highly recommend some sort of back up system.  I usually take a portable hard-drive this is because I usually take my images in RAW format and these large files can very quickly eat up all your storage on a laptop, so plan ahead.

Storage for your memory cards is also important.  Enjoy they are kept in a secure, dry and shock resistant case. You would hate for a memory card to get damaged and all your photos lost!

Tripods are usually not thought of as a travel essential, however, if you are keen to get some landscape photography into your trip then you may want to consider adding a tripod to your kit.  Nowadays there are many travel tripods on the market.  I went for a Joby brand tripod with flexible grip legs.  It means I can wrap it around a pole, fence etc and it doesn’t take up that much room.  You then choose the right mount for the weight of your camera.


It’s a holiday and you don’t want to be stuck behind a camera all the time.  Make a conscious decision to photograph some elements of your trip and then ensure you live in the moment, create memories only you and your family will know about and have fun xx

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pinit fg en rect red 28 - Camera gear we use on holidays

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