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9 Travel Apps we are loving right now

The world of technology and digital advancements have us travelling in such a varied and different way to how the previous generation was going.  I mean, a generation ago we were still purchasing postcards, writing a short message and sending it to our loved ones back home to give them a glimpse of what we were seeing on holidays. 

The same with currency – who travels with travellers’ cheques still?  Do they even exist?

Now with technology, not only can we send images instantly to our friends and family, we can also travel smarter, more efficiently and share our experience with wider audiences.

Here are some of our favourite family travel apps we use when we travel.


Article Written By:

Brenda Pomponio

Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

1. Airbnb

Airbnb ItalyP2 2 - 9 Travel apps we are loving right now!

As you probably know we are huge fans of Airbnb and have used this service extensively throughout our travels.   The app is easy to use, notifications are pushed to your messages and your itineraries are saved in an easy location so you know when you are checking into your next stay. Click here to sign up. 

2.  Currency x-change

Highlands 8 - 9 Travel apps we are loving right now!Ok- I’m hopeless at maths but it’s important to stay on top of your travel budget and when you are dealing with foreign currencies I like to know what I’m paying.  A currency conversion app is essential for any overseas travel! 

Search Currency Exchange in the app store.

3.  Travel Libro

9 travel apps we are loving right nowA new one for me that I can see is going to be a game-changer.  Travel Libro is a way of documenting your itinerary like a journal but through an app.  You can also share your journeys, follow others and see how other people have explored various cities, towns and countries. 

As a travel writer, this app allows me to record moments on the go if I like or geotag photos so I can remember where we were at a certain time in our trip.  It’s the old fashion travel journal made digital! 

If you sign up – be sure to follow along by searching for Our Family Travels!

Click here to download the app.

4.  Translator

9 travel apps we are loving right nowwant to communicate but don’t know how?  Use a translator app!  As a general attempt, we try to learn a few words like please, thank you, good morning in the language of the country we are visiting.  I feel it is important to make that effort and show courtesy for their native language.  We have used the translator app many times and my children use it to speak with their cousins and relatives in Italy.

There are so many versions both paid and free.  Search for Translator Apps in the Appstore.

5.  Cash Passport

9 travel apps we are loving right nowGone are the days of travellers’ cheques (well I hope anyway) and I am far too sceptical to use a normal credit card when I travel.  We use a Qantas travel card that can carry several types of currencies and with the app, I can log in and monitor the spending and transfer currency from one to another very easily.

Depending on what Cash Passport or travel card you use there will most likely be an app you need to connect to your account. Be sure to download and set all this up prior to your departure and save your passwords and pin somewhere safe.  I use another App called Keeper for all my passwords.

6.  Lonely Planet

IMG 7891 - 9 Travel apps we are loving right now!We love the books, but who needs to be weighed down with so many whilst travelling.  The app can allow us to download various additions and have them with us when we need.  Such a great way to read up on a location before setting out to explore.

Download the Lonely Planet App from the App Store.

7.  Skyscanner

9 travel apps we are loving right nowI’ve only recently found this app (where have I been) but I think it will be a good one for me as we usually book all our own flights, accommodation and rentals so having an app that can help find the best deal will surely be a good thing!

8.  Google maps

MapReaderCropped 1000x745 - 9 Travel apps we are loving right now!

Ahhh — do you have a good sense of direction?  hmmm.. well mine is someone questionable.  One a solo walk one early morning in Milan I couldn’t find my way back to our apartment.  I didn’t think google maps would work as I didn’t have international roaming, however, it will still show your location (the little blue dot) and I was able to navigate my way back home. phew!

9.  Lounge buddy

9 travel apps we are loving right nowGot a stopover and want to relax?  Use lounge buddy to book in a set amount of time in an airport lounge so that you can enjoy some refreshments, peace and quiet and time to get ready for your next flight.

Download Lounge Buddy now.

9 travel apps we are loving right now

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