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9 of a kind – Australian inspired gifts

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Written by: Prue Tully

Written by: Prue Tully

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Interior Designer, Decorator and Stylist. However, I think of myself as a problem solver. I love nothing more than to walk into a space and imagine its potential. From interiors to dinner tables, wrapping presents to plating food, I have a passion for making things look beautiful and, I love being inspired by other creatives.

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Nine of a Kind – Australian Themed Thank You Gifts

If you’re anything like me, some of your fondest travel memories are when you’ve had the privilege (an absolute pleasure!) of staying with a “local”. To see the sights, experience the culture, taste the food etc through the eyes of someone who lives and breaths that very place is just magic. The hospitality you are shown is so welcome that, a gift from home is a must!

Those who know me, know I love to find the perfect gift for the giftee. As such, I’ve curated a collection of gifts that are either Australian made, Australian themed, and (albeit the Gin!) quite easy to travel with in terms of weight and durability. Furthermore, they have been selected keeping in mind ages and possible interests. Some of my favourite go-to thank you gifts are;

Books – who doesn’t love a book! If language is a barrier, look at books that are more photography/imagery focused and, less copy heavy.   There are so many great books on offer that will certainly appeal to your recipient.  Think about their hobbies and interests, Australian authors offer so much from gardening, landscapes, cooking travel and more. 

Suggestions:  Australian Dreamscapes

Body Products – oh la la! My favourite. Think about products your host may not have access to or, products that have typically Australian ingredients like Eucalyptus, Tea-Tree and Natives such as Lemon Myrtle.

Suggestion:  Bondi Body Wash

Food/Beverages – gone are the days of just gifting a jar of Vegemite! Think beautiful boutique wines or gins local to your area, indulgent nuts and chocolates or, native herbs and spices. Just be sure to check the quarantine rules and regulations of your destination as, the last thing you want is your thoughtful gift confiscated at customs!

Suggestion:  Four Pillars Gin  and Bilby Chocolate

Clothing – this is one for those hosts you know well as the last thing you want is to get the incorrect clothing or shoe size! Options are endless but items like T-shirts, Scarves, Socks etc take up minimal room and can be real crowd pleasers.

Suggestion:  Ugg Boots  and Australia Scarf

The sweet extras:  Are you the type that carries a special little gift just in case?  Sometimes when you travel you never know when a thoughtful gift from home might come in handy.  Ideal items include a themed notebook and keyring as they are ideal for any recipient.

Suggestion:  McKean Studio Key Ring and Koala Notebook 


Like with any gift, it’s the thought that counts! So, whatever your ultimate choice – your host will no doubt be thrilled and, if you’re lucky, you may even get an invitation to stay again!

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