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Summer is a wonderful time to travel.  Obviously the weather is ideal, the sun shining makes people happier,  and European cities and town tend to shine in the Mediterranean summer.  It’s no wonder people love to travel to Europe in summer and experience the Mediterranean.   There is certainly  a uniqueness that I haven’t found here in Australia.

After my summers in Europe I am connived to persuade you…

Why everyone needs to experience a Mediterranean Summer… 

European beaches are so much fun (even for adults)

It’s true, there is an element of fun when you head to a European beach… the ambiance, energy and vibe is so contagious you can’t help but feel giddy.

You get to hire a brolly and lounge 

I still can’t quite work out why we don’t do this in Australia.   Seeing all those uniform umbrellas lined up, visually they look amazing.  You hand over your 5 Euro’s for the day to sit in comfort and pretend you are a local! 

Buy a bikini 

I love the Europeans’ love of their figures.  It was a complete revelation when I had my first outing to a beach in the south of Italy.   I arrived in my boyleg shorts and long singlet top to find myself admiring all the gorgeous women of every shape and size flaunt their bodies in bikinis.  Needless to say, I raced out the next day to purchase said bikini and loved that this culture was so accepting of all women.

Have a drink

In Europe you can take your bottle of wine to the beach to enjoy an evening picnic and a glass of wine with friends and family.  I love this freedom and the honest truth is that Europeans have a great respect for alcohol. They drink to be social, not to get inebriated.    Whilst we were enjoying ourselves in places like Nice, Rapallo, Tropea and Catenzano, we never came across drunk or disorderly behaviour.

The days are longer

Travelling to countries in their summer period means your days are longer.  Longer days means extra daylight hours to explore, and in the evening the temperature can still lure you out for a night stroll to experience the ambience of night life in Europe.  People spill out – there is fun even in the simplest of cafés and bars. 

Children go everywhere

I discovered that European children have a different place in society than here in Australia.  I remember when our children were 2 and 4 and we were being taken out for dinner in an Italian country village.   Little did I know that Europeans dine around 9pm or later.  I was fretting.  My children are usually tucked up in bed by 7.30pm back in Australia.   I was slightly stressed about taking them, worried they would cause a stir. However,  as we entered the restaurant I was pleasantly surprised to see so many families with their children.  The children were loud, some carried on and my children even played under the table.   I found everyone accepting of all children in these circumstances. 

It has been that way for us throughout France and Italy.  Before we treated ourselves to a lovely dinner at a fancy restaurant in Paris, we made enquires and they said they would adapt the menu and create something for the children.  So refreshing!

Outdoor dining 

There are so many other attractions to experience other than the beach during a Mediterranean summer – for starters, the restaurants and eateries come alive as people enjoy their dining experience outside.  Even if you are not beach side, sipping your coffee in the warm air of a café in Paris is an experience you just have to savour and have a little “pinch me” moment.  The same can be said whilst enjoying cold refreshment on the bank of Portofino, overlooking that postcard perfect marina.


When the weather is warm and you are travelling with children, the best reward is a gelato!  I do confess to gelato being a great reward for us adults too, and it was a great family experience trying out different gelatorias around Europe and racing to lick quickly enough to stop it dripping down your arm.  European gelato is a must do. 


why everyone should experience a Mediterranean summerPIN THIS IMAGE _ why everyone should experience a mediterranean summer

Are you a Mediterranean summer lover?  Or has this convinced you to try it with your family?


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