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Undiscovered: Samoa

By August 8, 2018 No Comments
Written by: Jake Cassar

Written by: Jake Cassar

Jake is a father of two boys and loves to travel with his family. He also works as a Travel Counsellor.

After seeing a picture of To Sua Ocean Trench (a giant saltwater swimming hole connected by an underground lava tube) while scrolling through Instagram, I knew I needed to get myself to this tropical pacific paradise.  It’s a destination that is not in the forefront of Australian tourism, battling the odds against Fiji or Bali.  I have been a travel agent for the past decade and I have to say I have only booked Samoa twice in my whole career, both times for Samoans returning home to visit family.  Never have I been asked of the possibility of organising someone’s holiday there.  I ask myself now after visiting – why?  It’s only a 5-hour flight from the East Coast and paradise awaits you.

 image1 - Undiscovered: Samoa

Samoa is made up of two main islands — Upola, which you will fly into, and Savai’i, the larger but more remote island, which is often referred to as the ‘real’ Samoa.  I always assumed Samoa to be white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of palm trees, which it is but there is so much more to it than just that.  It’s an untouched paradise filled with the warmest, friendliest locals, lush rainforest, waterfalls aplenty and so many breathtaking moments in nature in the endless sunshine.

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From the moment we stepped off the plane I knew we had landed in a Paradise.  We were greeted at the airport by a local Samoan three-piece band singing beautiful melodies that echoed through the airport.   Happy smiles met us everywhere we went and we were welcomed so warmly.   

image3 - Undiscovered: Samoa 

The traditional culture of Samoa is a communal way of life that is based around ‘Fa’a Samoa’, which translates to ‘The Samoan way’.  It describes a unique sociopolitical and cultural system that all Samoan’s adhere to.  There are three main parts to the Samoan culture – faith, family and music.  Drive through villages on a Sunday and it’s a ghost town.  Everyone is either at church or spending time with their family at home.  We were invited to experience a local church service and hear the passionate, beautiful harmonies of the locals singing.  Music is a way of life in Samoa and we would experience it every day.  Whether it be at the airport waiting for our luggage at the carousel or having dinner at a local restaurant, the beautiful Samoan soundtrack was with us everywhere we went.

image7 - Undiscovered: Samoa

We spent just over 10 days exploring this magical country.  Visiting Samoa’s pristine beaches at Lalomanu Beach, which houses the famous Taufua Beach Fales.  These fales are an inexpensive way to stay as close to nature as you can.  We could feel the wind breeze past our cheeks as we slept under the moonlight in these simple beach huts.  All your meals are provided for in the modest accommodation fee along with occasional impromptu babysitting from the locals!  The staff were amazing and made us part of their family.  We swam naked in waterfalls that we had all to ourselves and drank coconut mojitos at sunset whilst being serenaded by local Samoan bands and eating freshly caught seafood and watching the local Fiafia fire dancers.  We were lucky enough to witness a local tradition at the Alofaaga blowholes.  If I haven’t sold this to you yet and it’s not at the top of your bucket list you need to take my word for it and contact me to book your next holiday!

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To hear more about Jakes amazing Samoan Experience or to inquire about booking your own journey you can find Jake’s details below

Jake Cassar – Travel Counsellor

Website – https://www.travelcounsellors.com.au/jake.cassar 

Instagram – @thiswildtime


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