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Travelling with the heart


How does one travel with the heart?  In fact, what is heartfelt travel?

Well for each of us it is different which makes heartfelt travel so special and unique.  It celebrates the joy in your heart when you stumble across a moment during your trip or journey that truely speaks to you.

Recognising these moments and moving away from the stereotype of what the tourism industry tells us we will love and enjoy is the key.  Yes, we may all love the idea of a white sandy beach and sit all afternoon relaxing, however, your moment, that heartfelt moment may be elsewhere.

The same approach can be taken when travelling with your family, especially children.  We have ideas and hopes that our small children will love what we love during the holiday.  As adults, we are far more aware of the correct sights to wow over, and the actual expense of certain factors of the trip that almost justify our expectation that we must feel something.

What if we removed all of that expectation.  Imagine if we focused our travels on trusting our heart and relishing the moments that each of our travelling companions loves and nurtures.  If their heart sings eating an ice-cream, jumping in puddles, finding a hidden market square, playing with the ticket stub from that expensive museum entry, meeting a shopkeeper and having a conversation….or an aperitif at the end of a long hot day.  It may not be the landmarks and the textbook tourist attractions that send your heart aflutter, however, this is the real beauty of travel.

Your experience and the mindset you bring to your travelling journey with your family is what will set it apart of anyone else. 

To be a traveller and not a tourist is a concept I believe many of us now are trying to strive for.  To see the beauty in each trip we take whether it be to the next town or around the globe.

So with the year-end drawing close and many families considering a holiday or trips to plan for 2018,  let your heart lead first.


Travelling with the heartTravelling with the heart



As always

Happy Travelling


Photos from our stay at a private villa in the Lake Como region of Moltrasio 

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