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Travelling solo – with the kids  

By February 22, 2019 No Comments
Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

TheWoods 39 - Travelling solo - with the kids  

Do you travel solo with your children?  Does the thought of leaving your spouse at home and packing the car up with the kids and venturing off frighten or delight you? 

During the summer holidays, we were lured to the Bellarine Penisula whilst Mr OFT stayed at home to work.  We don’t often leave him behind on our travels, but we were a little desperate for some beach action after being away from the Australian Summer and took the opportunity to head down to Ocean Grove.

What I love about solo parenting travel is the chance to really make it about them, more so when we are two adults and two children.  I had no requirement or engagement to be part of “adult conversation”, I could make all the adult decisions silently and alone – which left lots of time for me to devote to my children.

TheWoods 49 - Travelling solo - with the kids  

We stayed in Ocean Grove at a place called “The Woods” in a cabin which I think was half the fun of this trip.  All sharing one room, it was like a sleepover and I was back reminiscing about the days I used to do this with my cousins in the holidays. 

One of our days was spent frolicking at the beach for the morning and the afternoon we visited nearby Queenscliff for ice-cream and poke around the vintage shops.  In the evening I took them out for dinner before we headed back to our accommodation for a hit of evening tennis.

TheWoods 46 - Travelling solo - with the kids  If you haven’t embarked on a solo parenting trip with your children, I highly encourage it.  With some simple planning – it will transform your perceptions of it. 

I do have a few suggestions.

  • Start with a short trip both in duration and nights away – this will give you a taste for it.
  • Choose a destination that feels easy for you to navigate your children around. You won’t have another adult to assist so think smart about what will be easier.
  • Plan ahead and research experiences and activities you and your children can enjoy
  • Do make it about them.  This one on one time with your children without the distraction of home life, chores, work and after-school activities is bliss.  Soak it up.

+ Thanks to The Woods for hosting us during our stay.  The Woods is located just a short drive from Ocean Grove and perfect for families with the use of the pool and tennis courts.  There are only two cabins on site so you are rewarded with privacy and peace. 

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