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The unexpected beauty of Skye

By August 20, 2018 No Comments
Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Sometimes an undiscovered travel moment occurs when you least expect it.  I knew the Isle of Skye would be beautiful and rugged and remote.  It was all those things and more.  What we didn’t expect was the calming sense of being earthed that awaits you as you spend time on Skye.  We stayed in a very remove caravan park in Staffin on our first night.  We were told there was a nice walk to enjoy however we were absolutely blown away by the beauty that awaited us over the hills. We sat in silence for a long time and remember not wanting to return until the very last drop of sunshine was disappearing.

Sometimes the undiscovered and unexpected go hand in hand.  Other times you have to let them find you and when you realise you are at that moment to make the time to marvel at all its glory. For it will be fleeting.

Today, I’m sharing with you our Undiscovered moment on the Isle of Skye in pictures.

Undiscovered – Isle of Skye

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