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tasi 56 - Q + A with Jess Abraham of Tasi Travels

Recently I discovered a new Ethical Clothing line designed and made right here in Australia – Tasi Travels.  I purchased a few pieces and loved them!  Knowing how important it is to share this, I contact Jess and told her how well these items will be for my travel wardrobe.  I have since following Tasi Travels on Instagram and have enjoyed watching Jess achieve her goals both in travel and fashion.


Here is a quick Q + A with Jess from Tasi Travels


1.  Hi Jess, Can you tell me a bit about Tasi Travels and how it came about. Tasi was inspired by a trip I took to Timor-Leste in late 2016. East Timor is such a beautiful place, but I’d found it difficult to pack for the climate. Timor is in the high 30 degrees and 90% humidity, but it’s also quite conservative and you need to be covered up. Nothing I owned was right; the clothes either wrinkled or were too heavy or too low-cut, or just ugly! I off-handedly mentioned to the girls I was travelling with that I wished it was easier to find well-made, practical yet stylish travel clothing. And that was where the idea for Tasi Travels was born.. Tasi actually means “ocean” in the Timorese language, Tetun.

2.  You seem passionate about ethical clothing and travel – why are the two really important to you. Ethical clothing is important to me as I believe that as business owners and as consumers we have a responsibility to produce and purchase in a way that is kind to both people and planet. I am passionate about travel for the way it expands our thinking, challenges our beliefs, broadens our knowledge and deepens our love and connection. 

3.  What are some steps all of us travellers can take to be more conscious about travelling in a sustainable way? This is a great question and we’ve published a whole blog article on it here! Some of the big things are; avoid plastic water bottles and bags, take a reusable bottle and use a tote bag if you’re market shopping. Act at home in your hotel; towels don’t need to be washed every day. If you wouldn’t do it at home, don’t do it while you’re away. Also travel with your own shampoo and conditioner and other toiletries if you can, rather than using the tiny plastic bottles. And choose your destination and activities thoughtfully. Particularly if you’re doing a tour, make sure to check the values and responsibilities of the company and choose reputable, conservation-minded tour operators. This can be as simple as reading a few reviews of asking if they support local businesses throughout the tour.

4.  Your garments are beautifully designed and made here in Australia – what can we expect next for Tasi Travels? We have a lot of exciting things happening at Tasi this year, one of those being moving our production from our in-house studio on the Sunshine Coast to an amazing manufacturing house down in Melbourne. This team is accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia and really are the leaders in the local industry, we’re so excited to work with them!

5.  What are your memories of travelling as a child? I was really fortunate to spend a lot of time camping as a child, actually, most of my childhood memories were spent in the outdoors. We would go away camping with a bunch of other families and just run wild all day and night; we’d bushwalk, swim, build cubby houses, roast marshmallows.. Those trips played a pretty big part in what I place value on now; time outdoors, exploring and living simply. 

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