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The countdown is on!

We are planning our big trip of 2017. We’ll be going to Italy, Scotland and Denmark on a nine-week holiday beginning in late April!

This time we’ll have nine weeks to enjoy three countries, many cities and countless experiences.   We have changed our minds so many times but I enjoy the process of planning and allowing the trip to develop.

It was tempting to travel to more countries and see more, but you don’t really see more… and this holiday is all about re-exploring parts of Italy we have already visited, some parts we’re are taking our children to for the first time, and other destinations that have long been on our “list of places to visit” which we can finally tick off.rome-6

At this stage our loose itinerary goes like this:

Rome, Calabria (too celebrate my husband’s Nonna’s 80th birthday), then back to Rome before heading to Venice, Verona, Lake Como, Milan, Edinburgh (for a motorhome experience through the highlands), then off to Denmark.

I would love to know how you go about planning your holiday itinerary.  Everyone approaches these things in a different way and I’m always on the hunt for great ideas when it comes to making our holidays a fabulous experience.  Part of me wants to keep elements of this trip spontaneous, but that can also backfire when you have to make rushed decisions and need to consider children.

Any tips and recommendations welcome!  Photos from our last visit to Italy.


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