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Brenda Pomponio

Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

The musings as we plan…..

It has been a long time that we have wanted to experience Sicily.  There is a special lure it has that when I see pictures, read a book about it or hear someone else’s travel experience.   It only makes me want to travel more and more to this incredible island.

So, like all other travel journeys that I have planned and taken with my family, I set out to work out how might travel to Sicily, what we will see and do?  I get the books I have and began researching on the computer.  Perhaps I’ll visit other blogs as I google best places to visit Sicily with a family.

Shall we rent a car?  How far could we drive in one day?  How long will be needed in that town?  The questions start whirling through my mind. I think I’ve nearly found a great place for the first few nights, only I’m not sure if it is child-friendly so I quickly close that page.

I am beginning to lose focus on what I want this trip to be about.

So I close all the open tabs on my computer and begin a simple list.  I take a piece of paper and I write my wishes….

“We would love to visit Sicily and experience life from a local perspective, to be taken to restaurants not because of the hype of tourism, but because the food is sensational.  Speaking of food we would love to visit a local market and perhaps learn some recipes from a Sicilian tradition.  Our accommodation will be unique and cater for our needs with children.  Space for them to run around and be children and interact with us in an environment that nurtures their curious minds.  I dream of talking to our hosts and learning something about their life in Sicily and how growing up in this region is like.  There are so many unique aspects of the Sicilian life I want to experience.  There is the inland roads I want to take, the beaches I know my children will be eager to explore and the food and wine to savour and enjoy”.

I know all of this is possible because the world is now more accessible than ever before.  We desire to really travel, not to be a tourist.  Am I crazy to hope that an experience in Sicily can be like nothing we have ever done before?  A perfect harmony of celebrating new destination by immersing with the existing culture and of the local people.

To have the joy of anticipating a destination knowing that each of mine and my families wishes will be taken into account is not only reassuring but refreshing.  Honestly, the word “tour” does not really do justice to an itinerary that creates harmony and celebrates the traveller as a unique individual or family unit.

A new way…

This is why we have we have sought the assistance of Wanderjack.  If you aren’t aware – the OFT family are proud Ambassadors of Wanderjack.  We met with Founder, Elena during our time in Italy in 2017 and our vision and passion for sustainable and heartfelt travel was our common bond. This company was like no other I had heard of, passionate to embrace travellers and share local knowledge with them as they explore the roads less explored.  And so, with all of us sharing a desire to visit Sicily we now get to accomplish that goal and experience it the way that I never thought possible.

We cannot wait to share this trip with you.

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