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“Travelling is dealing with the work and with oneself, loosing yourself in the world to find mind and heart.”

When you stumble across another passionate soul, something occurs, a spark inside of you and you quickly realise that a connection needs to be made.  When I discovered Wanderjack online I knew I needed to meet the founder of this experience based travel business. 

Whilst we were in Venice, an opportunity arose and Wanderjack and Our Family Travels connected for two incredible experiences and Elena and I finally got a chance to chat. 

“The idea of travelling like a local came to me as I was very inspired by the Australian way of travelling” Elena explained to me.  As an Australian, this made me incredibly proud but also curious. 

Elena continued to share her joy in finding locals in towns across Italy to hosts visitors and show them “the local way” encouraging all facets of wandering and travelling through private walking tours, experiences and guidance.  Currently, Wanderjack curates travelling experiences in Veneto and Sicily, with plans to expand further afield in more town across Italy.  So how did we wander?  

 Travel like a local with Wanderjack

WJ Venice 2 - Travel like a local with Wanderjack

Our first experience was a mother and daughter morning spent with a Venetian artist making our very own mask.  We were met by Wanderjack Maura who greeted us enthusiastically, welcoming us to her hometown of Venice.  After a short walk, we arrived at the local Venetian artist for our workshop.  My daughter and I were shown around the workshop and the store, the magic of the Venetian masks all around us created a wonderful sense of creativity and possibility.  

WJ Venice 7 - Travel like a local with WanderjackWJ Venice 16 - Travel like a local with Wanderjack

Spending time with Venetian artist was a truly creative experience allowing us to be immersed in the traditional craft.  We created our own unique mask and learnt some techniques along the way.  To bring home our own handmade mask as a memory of that morning warms our hearts and connects us with that experience.

Our next stop that morning was also to glimpse into the fine skill of Murano glass blowing.   Watching as the glass rods are heated up, melted together to create intricate patterns was fascinating.  Venice is famous for it’s murano glass so seeing this first hand is a memory we will cherish forever.

WJ Venice 19 - Travel like a local with Wanderjack

More Wandering with a treasure hunt….

For our next adventure, Wanderjack Maura introduced us to MaccaTours – a local tour company passionate about bringing joy and educational tours to children in Venice.  Our children were then presented with a map and photo list to begin a “Venice Treasure hunt”. 

Our treasure hunt began in Campo S.Maria Formosa as we walked around searching for clues and learning fascinating historical turning points of Venice presented in a way that was engaging for our children.

From bridges to building, architecture and family crests, quirky bookshops and design it was all covered in this enthralling children’s tour.  Ending with of course some treasure, this tour was certainly a highlight of our time spent in Venice. 

WJ Venice 32 - Travel like a local with Wanderjack WJ Venice 30 - Travel like a local with Wanderjack

More about Wanderjack

Wanderjack specialises in curated experiences not only for families but for adventure seekers, couples, friends and seniors.  Things to know about Wanderjack:

  • They arrange everything, from accommodation to a personalised itinerary usually from 5-8 day tours.
  • You get allocated your own Wanderjack local for the duration of your experience. It’s like your own personal “local” guide because they live in the town they are guiding you. 
  • Wanderjack prides itself on sustainable travel.  Selecting smaller boutique accommodation, sustainable travel options, and supporting local artisans
  • Everything is considered and upon arrival, you are provided with a personalised Wanderjack Wanderguide which includes loads of practical tips, phone numbers, and information to help you feel like a local in no time.

OFT had the pleasure of collaborating with Wanderjack on these experiences that would be part of a total package. For more information about a Wanderjack travel experience, please visit their website or email hello@wanderjack.it

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