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FounderOFT 3 - How I became Founder of Our Family TravelsFounderOFT 7 - How I became Founder of Our Family Travels

Travel is my work.  I even made a t-shirt out of that saying, because I truly am working for the love of travel.  At this stage, am I travelling full time, no I am not.  Do I want to?  It is a dream and together as family we are working very hard to work out when it might be possible, but as always if you want to make a dream a reality we know there is hard work involved. 

The question, however, I get asked a lot is how I ended up doing what I am doing and I thought it would be a great place to share the story with you here on my website so that you all can see just how I have made travel my work and became Founder of Our Family Travels.

So here it goes…

How I ended up Founder of Our Family Travels.

It was by complete accident I will happily admit, but an accident none the less that I appreciate and am thankful for every day. Perhaps it was meant to be, the stars aligning and all the destiny in the world. I won’t lie and pretend it’s been an easy road but one I have enjoyed all the same.   Previous to this role I had been working as a freelance photographer around the busy lifestyle of managing our 13-acre property in Country Victoria as well as raising our two children.   My husband was travelling to Melbourne during the week for work and this suited us as I could fit in my work around these other factors. 

My husbands work experienced what can only be described as a boom.  Literally, his workload and that of the whole (small) team grew so rapidly that my skills in social media management and support with newsletter and design were required.  I stopped taking on new work to fully support him at that busy moment.   At the same time, I had just started Our Family Travels on Instagram.  It was a decision I made to basically share only travel inspired photos of our holidays as my own personal account didn’t seem like the right place to constantly put travel pictures on.  Well, that grew rapidly as well.  I had fun and loved building this network and community of like-minded family travellers.  I wanted more.

Soon after,  the work I was doing for my husbands business needed to be taken to the next level.  I liked what I was doing, but I didn’t love it.  I knew it was short term, and so when the time was right my work was handed over and I was left in a strange yet liberating moment.

I could go back to searching out more freelance work, or I could take Our Family Travels to the next level.

I sat down and drew up a rough business plan.  This has potential I thought.  I have a genuine authentic love and passion for family travel.  We have been travelling with our children for many many years and the thought of being able to somehow connect with other families, inspire them, but also be inspired is a mind-altering sensation.   The skills I have developed in my multiple careers are many and include writing, photography, blogging, social media and content creation.  To prove to myself I could do it, I tested the water a little bit and got some freelance writing commissions, and had my first paid job within a month of putting my name out there. Yep, this was for me!  There was no going back.

Fast forward 12 months later and here I am!  We have moved to Melbourne as a family which allowed me to an opportunity to really connect with other business and entrepreneurs and with the complete support of my family.  So, I made myself officially the Founder of Our Family Travels. A place to inspire heartfelt family travel near or far.  To celebrate and nurture the curious minds and to seek roads less explored. 

Families are travelling different to how we were a generation ago.  We are seeking experiences over a touristic cliche and desire above all for our children to gain beautiful memories from travel.

I am so glad, each day that I call this place my job.  That each step I take to write an article or talk to a client or collaborate with a business I am one step closer to inspiring yet another family, and in turn, have them inspire me.   All you family travellers out there – you and your family are my inspiration. My family are my inspiration and I truely believe the world and travel have so much to teach us all.

I can’t wait to share more about this journey with you.  There are many projects and developments happening behind the scenes that will bring all of you wonderful family travellers one step closer to this community I am building for us all.   Late last year I shared with you my Print Shop and more recently my apparel range.  Both represent the joy and love I have for my job in terms of creativity, inclusivity and making memories during travel.  The fun and excitement that each journey can take.

Thanks for letting me share this story with you!

Happy Travels,

Brenda x


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  • Sarah says:

    You are such an inspiration Narns.
    How amazing to follow your passions and make your dream come to life with love, grit and determination. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Nicole Mason says:

    Lovely story. I found your site via Our Tribe Travels. Our 5mth trip is now a reality. I loved your idea of having family photos done while on holiday, who did you use in Italy I would like to do that for our family.


    • Brenda says:

      Oh thank you for your kinds words and for visiting my website. We love travel and are heading back to italy very soon. We used a website called KYMA for our family photo shoot – and Kerry our Photographer was amazing. Something I will treasure forever x

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