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Home 2 - holiday at home

Home 1 - holiday at home

For some of us, the lure of travel is so strong that we want to take every opportunity to explore, to pack the car, or book the train, plane or bus ticket and go somewhere.  Sometimes it’s somewhere new, sometimes it’s somewhere that you keep revisiting loving the familiar pull a particular destination has.

And sometimes those holidays roll on in and you don’t leave the house.  A staycation! Time spent a home with little routine and no demands.  It can be liberating and frightening in equal measures.  However, if you need the holiday vibe whilst at home, here are some great tips from to get you and family feeling all those holiday vibes even if you remain at the same address!

School holidays begin today here in Melbourne and we have no travel plans at all (which I’m quietly ok about given it’s been a hectic start to the year).  I thought I still wanted to ensure we felt we were on holidays and there is no reason why being at home can’t feel like a holiday away from home!

Here’s what I’ve done for creating:

Holidays at home

1.Treat the time off school and work still as a holiday and plan an itinerary

This is a great strategy to already get into the holiday mode.  How many days off school and work do you have?  Get out the calendar or notebook and work out what days you are needing to fill and start jotting down some ideas of what you can do when.  Are there any local activities on that you want to participate in?  Consider the weather and if indoor venues can be added if it’s during winter or outdoor parks and beaches during summer. 

2.  Act like your home is a hotel.

For this, to work a little forward planning is required.  Perhaps you could cook a few meals in advance, get the chores done on the first day and shut the door to that home office so there is no sneaking in to check emails or pay bills.  How far you go with this is only limited by your imagination.  Roll towels and put them on the bed and get the kids involved in making welcome treats for the guests (YOU!) You could book in a massage from your kids (if they are willing) or the kids may love to have their nails painted!  Plan a movie night and get in the spirit of relaxing as you would if you were in a hotel.   If the budget allows call in some extra assistance during this time.  Perhaps a cleaner, a home delivery of flowers or mid-week takeaway!

3.  Be a traveller in your own town.

Try catching public transport into town if you usually drive around.  Visit a nearby town or suburb you haven’t been to before or for a long time and check out a new park, new library or local gallery.  Plan and act out the day as if you were visiting from another country! 

4. Travel in a different way! 

You may know a lot about your own homeplace, but what about a new destination.  Planning begins from inspiration and having some downtime at home can be a great way to learn and discover a new place.  For example, you could read up about Mexico City, watch a movie based in the country, create a craft activity (I’m thinking some funky Pom Pom sombrero) and plan a dinner or meal with a recipe from that culture (tacos here I come!).  Your virtual travel experience will enrich a sense of wonderment even though you haven’t left home – and hey the kids may learn a few things too! 

I hope these tips can give you some handy way to create a wonderful holiday at home for all of you!




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