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Family Travel Trends 2018

By May 30, 2018 No Comments
Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Written By: Brenda Pomponio

Founder of OFT

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So what is on everyone’s mind when it comes to family travel in 2018?   I find it fascinated to see what is trending in the travel world and I also believe that when the tourism industry can identify a need or solve a problem that allows families to travel to a destination easier, then there is a natural trend that follows as more families will follow. 

Let’s take a look at what is being predicted when it comes to family travel trends for 2018 

“Authentic” is the buzzword and this makes me pretty happy because without authenticity when we travel we can quickly become part of the tourist trap of following along a path just because that is where everyone else is going.  Searching for authentic moments almost is like saying there is no barrier or stereotype is as to how you need to travel to this certain destination.  Do it your way, which is ALWAYS the best way.

Adventure is what we seek

perhaps our days are full of busy or our work is so demanding of us even outside the set work hours that when we do get a break we seek adventure outdoors.  Another win I say, as there is so much to see and do in the great outdoors.  The travel industry is certainly coming on board with more opportunities for family hikes, glamping and exploring into the wilderness.   We also love our coastal holidays with 25% of parents surveyed in a Lonely Planet family travel report stating that a beach holiday was the best for creating lifelong memories with their children.  

Breaking down the family rules

What constitutes a family?  Well, again I’m pleased to say so many more of us are understand that family travel is not just 2 parents and a couple of kids.  Single parent travel, multigenerational travel and family lead itineraries are just the start.  It means that as a trend we are travelling in much more unique combinations of a family unit.  This is fabulous to see that families no matter how they look or are made up want to get out and travel with their children.  It will also encourage the travel industry to cater for these families, making it easier and enjoyable for all. 

We travel to build the bonds within

The one that gave me the biggest smile!  I have to say this is almost like Our Family Travel mantra right here in this on travel trend.  We travel with our families to build a bond within.  The destination is second to the moments we know we will create on the holiday. Yes, we travel for the sights, and culture and to learn new things, but we also travel to spend precious moments with the ones we love the most. It was no surprise then that in the Lonely Planet Kids Travel Survey, two out of three parents stated that they would return to their childhood holiday destination with their own children.  This is beautiful that as parents we seek to replicate and special moments that we as children had with our own. 

I asked travel agent Sara from Make It Travel her top family travel destinations that surprise people? This was her response…. 

I think for Australians this would have to be any destination rich in history. We are such a young country and we just don’t see 200-year-old castles and chateaus on our drive to work! I have families return from countries like France and Scotland raving about the things they saw and stories they were told. It gives their children perspective in a world so driven by technology.

Another destination that surprises most people is Vietnam. Families are drawn to Vietnam because it’s so cheap, but they return in absolute awe of this country. I even had a family extend their stay recently because they were having too much fun!

Vietnam is everything Bali and Thailand aren’t. Yes is loud and chaotic but under the buzz of the city, there is something very beautiful about the Vietnamese. The locals live a very simple life, they curate the most amazing flavours in their food and they are so humble. You can get almost anything made from scratch in just a few short days and for so little. It is a great place to take your children as again, it gives them perspective on how lucky we are in Australia and that you can create so much beauty with so little.


+ Information from Lonely Planet Travel Trends Guide / Lonely Planet Kids Travel Survey / Sarah – Travel Agent – Make It Travel

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Family Travel Trends 2018

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