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Family Road Trip in Scotland

By September 21, 2018 No Comments
Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

Ever thought of travelling through Scotland with a motorhome with your family!  Well for us it was a great decision and we felt the best way to see Scotland.  The benefits of a motorhome are more than just the freedom and independence – it really allows you to go at your own pace, connect with nature and of course your family.  Scotland is very accommodating to the motorhome and camper tourist.  There are ample websites dedicated to helping you plan out your trip and apps such as SiteSeeker and Sites UK – A list of the most useful apps can be found here. 

So, here are my top tips for exploring Scotland in a Motorhome

ten day motorhome itinerary of the highlandsten day motorhome itinerary of the highlands

Choosing a motorhome

Depending on the size of your family, choose a motorhome that will suit your needs.  We opted for a motorhome with a bunk bed up one end and a double over the drivers’ cabin.  This meant we weren’t collapsing the table to make up a bed each night.   Also, consider driving ability.  The bigger the motorhome that harder it will be to drive.

motorhome itinerary2 63 - Family Road Trip in Scotlandmotorhome itinerary2 20 - Family Road Trip in Scotlandmotorhome itinerary2 77 - Family Road Trip in Scotland 

Where to go

The obvious questions will be where to take your motorhome?  Start researching early and depending on your starting location, it makes sense to choose a circular route.  We left from Glasgow and headed North up the west coast first.  Plan out how many days you want to be travelling and how much distance you feel you can drive each of these days.  It is a great idea to read up on some self-driving tours at www.visitscotland.com to give you itinerary ideas.  Make sure you allow for inclement weather, busy tourist times and of course the normal family delays!

motorhome itinerary2 93 - Family Road Trip in Scotland

ten day motorhome itinerary of the highlands

Falkland (used as Inverness in the Outlander Series)

motorhome itinerary 7 - Family Road Trip in Scotlandmotorhome itinerary 38 - Family Road Trip in Scotland

 Castles, Lochs and Glens.

Scotland scenery is some of the most beautiful I have seen during my travels.  Our top favourites were the Isle of Skye, Glencoe, Battlefield of Culloden, Dunnotar Castle, St Andrews.  Plan for stops along the way as you will want to take in all that glorious scenery.  We found that leaving a campsite after breakfast and heading off early meant we could enjoy a stop mid-morning and enjoy a town or view point early in the day and break up the drive.  We would aim to be at our campsite by 3-4pm each evening to give us some time to settle in, walk around and then get dinner started.  If you are travelling through the Scottish summer beware of the midges which are like very small flies/bugs.  They come out at dusk and are a bit of a pain. 

motorhome itinerary 17 - Family Road Trip in Scotlandten day motorhome itinerary of the highlands

Get familiar with Scottish Camping

You are legally allowed to “free camp” or “wild camp” in Scotland which means you can pretty much pull up anywhere for the night.  If your need for electricity is too great, there are so many amazing camping sights throughout Scotland.  Ask the Motorhome Hire place for a camping map or download the camping app on your phone.  Some get very busy during peak times so if possible plan ahead a day and phone them to book a spot.

motorhome itinerary 29 - Family Road Trip in Scotlandmotorhome itinerary 3 - Family Road Trip in Scotlandmotorhome itinerary2 64 - Family Road Trip in Scotland

Get back to nature

A motorhome adventure with your family is a great way to get back to nature.  As our living quarters are quite small, we loved spending most of our days outside, walking, hiking and exploring.  During the evening we would all participate in the preparation of dinner and then washing up at the campsite facilities.  Nighttime would be filled with games of Uno or chatting about our day. 

Scotland is a fascinating historical country to explore and a motorhome is a perfect way for a family to see the sights and connect.

For a full itinerary of our trip in the motorhome – read this post. 

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Family Road Trip in Scotland

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