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After a busy year last year, we were in need of a mini-escape and Adelaide, and in particular, the Barossa region had always been a destination that we were keen to explore.  So after Christmas, we packed our bags and boarded a flight from Melbourne to Adelaide to spend four days exploring a region of South Australian renowned for good wine, stunning scenery and delectable food.  The time spent here was at a lovely slow pace, the long summer days helping refuel after the busy festive season and we knew when we returned our imminent move back to Melbourne was about to begin, so our purpose for this trip was a re-charge and we certainly got it.

We enjoyed the new surroundings but didn’t rush to see everything and do everything all the time.  It was a perfectly timed holiday without realising we needed to just be all together, the four of us in an environment that nurtured a slow relaxed pace.  We ambled down quaint streets, had long lunches and enjoyed the lack of chores or chaos of daily home life.  The Barossa was simply a tonic for a moment in time where we could focus on each other and let all the other clutter in our mind fade away.

We didn’t have to travel far to get that relief.  A quick flight from Melbourne and the feeling of getting off that flight and knowing we had no obligations to anyone besides ourselves was liberating.  We talked, we rested, the kids swam and ran around.  I loved spending uninterrupted time with my family, reading and taking photos (see the double exposure fun I had)

Taking small trips are so nurturing to the soul and bond as a family.  To travel near or far – it doesn’t matter.   Our escape to the Barossa was just what we needed.

Barossa 23 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 34 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 13 - Escape to the Barossa

Barossa 5 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 4 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 2 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 6 - Escape to the Barossa

Barossa 38 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 41 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 36 - Escape to the BarossaBarossa 1 - Escape to the Barossa

If you want to know a little more about the details of our trip here they are:

Where we stayed: Novatel Barossa.

We stayed at the Novatel Barossa in a 2 bedroom apartment which was perfect for us.  A quick stop at a supermarket before checking in meant we had our own provisions and we were also delighted with the full buffet breakfast each morning and we dined at the restaurant one evening as well.  The Novatel has a pool and sports facilities like a tennis court and equipment you can use like rackets, balls, cricket bats and is also adjoining a golf course so we all loved getting out and about together.


It is not uncommon to assume that the Barossa is a destination for wine buffs, couple and retirees but with a bit of careful planning, we found so many family-friendly options to explore.

Most wineries and their cellar doors are situated on the estate and so grounds are extensive and we found most catered for children perfectly allowing kids to roam the gardens, outdoor settings and beanbags and snacks to keep them amused whilst mum and dad enjoy a few tastings.  We hired a private driver through Amazing Barossa on one day to ferry us to and from the Novatel to our a list of our favourite wineries and we stopped off for lunch at Harvest Kitchen  making it a great day to enjoy together.

During our stay we visited Two Hands Winery, Eldertons, St Hallet’s, Turkey Flat, Roachford, Henschke 


This foodie loving family felt very at home in the Barossa enjoying a lot of great food during our stay.  Our two favourite places were Pheasant Farm by Maggie Beer where we dined at The Eatery

We also enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Fino Seppeltfield 

More Information

Check out Barossa Tourism for more ideas about you can spend some time in this idyllic South Australian Destination.


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