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Don’t rock the boat

By October 19, 2018 No Comments
Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

positano 2 - Don't rock the boatpositano 3 - Don't rock the boat


I had seen millions of images of that infamous Positano beach, yet the reality of standing there in that exact spot and see that vision with your own eyes is remarkably sobering.  How a place can be so effortlessly beautiful and the ‘postcard’ image actually does live up to its reality did send some shivers down my spine.

During our recent Italy trip, we decided to devote four days in Positano, which happened to fall on dates around my birthday.  I could think of worse places to celebrate one’s birthday and being a winter baby, a summer destination and the thought of Positano being that place left me beaming with excitement like a seven-year-old planning her first sleepover.

My thoughts turned to create an unforgettable experience for us all and given I was the birthday girl (yes, I thought I’d just claim the whole four days as my birthday) so we decided we would spend an afternoon on a boat ride around the Amalfi Coast.

The day was warm, we had packed our swimmers, snacks, the camera, hats and whatever else I thought we might need on our 3 hour trip on the sea.  I wanted to feel like Monica Bellucci in one of her Dolce & Gabanna photo shoots – glamorous in Europe.  We were all giddy with excitement – which was short-lived (for me anyway).

positano 5 - Don't rock the boatpositano 6 - Don't rock the boatpositano 7 - Don't rock the boatpositano 10 - Don't rock the boat

To spoil this story early, it was not glamorous as about ten minutes into this boat ride, nausea began and no matter how much I stared at the horizon I couldn’t help but feeling I was going to be depositing my breakfast into the Mediterranean.

Our driver stopped so we could all have a dip in the ocean which I thought would appease my queasiness.  So, this meant I needed to visit the lower deck of the boat to get changed, and let me tell you – being thrust about, trying to wrangle your body into a wet one piece (it was still wet from the day before) whilst feeling sick and the humidity is at 100% did not bode well with my positivity increasing.   Yet, as I finally emerged from the bathroom (more tiny cupboard) the children were already jumping in the ocean, happy, laughing and with the Amalfi coast surrounding them.

It was a pinch-me moment.  I may have been a slight shade of green, yet I jumped into that water thinking “fake it for the kids – pretend everything is ok”  when all I could think about was that dry land and how quickly could I reach it.

positano 12 - Don't rock the boatpositano 13 - Don't rock the boatpositano 15 - Don't rock the boatpositano 16 - Don't rock the boat

We had an opportunity as we approached Amalfi to get off the boat for a quick walk around which I emphatically shouted YES.  As we got off, I resisted the urge to lay on the jetty, seeking out the sweetest granita I could find as I was in need of a sugar hit.  The 20 minutes in Amalfi were blur, I can’t really remember it much and when we returned on the boat I signalled to the driver he had to speed up so that we could minimise the rocking.  “Please”, I said “Don’t rock the boat”  I used hand gestures to improve my chances of him understanding me.  I think he was willing to reduce the risk of any kind of fluids spoiling his boat, so obliged me.

As the afternoon sojourn was coming to an end, I managed to remember to get the camera out of the bag and hand it to our driver – to get that proof that we did indeed take a family boat ride along the Amalfi coast.

I will say that once docked back, I was ever so glad to be off that boat.  

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