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Highlands 9 - Discovering the Scottish Highlands with your family

Recently on our journey to Scotland, we ventured into the wilderness of the Scottish Highlands.  You can see images on social media and in travel magazines, but until you are face to face with the epic scenery you cannot enjoy just how beautiful it really is. 

What we discovered in the Scottish Highlands.

Film lovers paradise 

If you are an avid fan of Harry Potter, Outlander, Braveheart or Lord of the Rings, or even just love the outdoors then Scotland and in particular, the Highlands will give you all the feels.   The open fields lined with ancient stone walls from the highland clan era are just some of the hints that you are in Scots country.  Try and get to the Glenfinnan Viaduct at the right time to see the daily Jacobite steam train, which is popular amongst Harry Potter fans.  We had a somewhat frustrating experience with our motorhome, not being able to find a park big enough or a gap in the narrow road to do a u-turn.  We saw the Viaduct but missed the train.  We were a little disappointed, but hey, that’s travel!  It was all forgotten once we hit Glencoe for a glimpse of that famous opening scenery used in Outlander. 

Highlands 1 - Discovering the Scottish Highlands with your family

Even when it is wet, it is still beautiful. 

You will hear of people complain about the Scottish weather.  They say it is either raining or going to rain.  Not much hope hey, but when you think about the rolling green pastures, the clouds that descend down so low you feel you can reach up and disappear into them, then you have to admit there is a bit mystery and magic in all of that. Scotland wouldn’t be Scotland without the rain and miserable weather.  So if you are planning a visit, come with wet weather gear! There is no fear of it being too hot.  In fact, we travelled during Spring and we were pretty much in Winter clothes the whole time.

Highlands 6 - Discovering the Scottish Highlands with your family

Get snappy 

On our drive in our Motorhome from Glencoe to Isle of Skye, I couldn’t have shouted for the husband to stop every ten minutes for a photo opportunity.  The scenery is breathtaking, and at each turn of the road, another equally impressive vista presents itself.  This was an opportunity for the children to see such different landscapes to what we have around us in Australia.  We were often in awe of both the natural and architectural elements of our travels throughout the Highlands and gazing out the windows as we drove fast became our favourite sport.  Come prepared with charged batteries and spare SD cards.

Highlands 13 - Discovering the Scottish Highlands with your family

Get to a pub for a Sunday Roast. 

To me, nothing seems more traditional than a Sunday Roast and the Scottish do it just as well as their English counterparts.  So if you are heading around the Highlands on a weekend, choose a nice cosy pub which no doubt will have a Sunday Roast on the menu

Highlands 11 - Discovering the Scottish Highlands with your family

Come prepared to stretch your legs. 

With so many dedicated walks, the highlands is a playground for hikers and walkers alike.  Even as a family with young children, we made sure a walk was part of our everyday itinerary.  Our favourite most memorable walk was at Staffin Caravan Park after the owners told us about a short little stroll we could take through some private land towards the coast.  She did not remark about what we were about to see and low and behold the coastline appeared and we felt we were at the edge of the world.

Have you visited Scotland before?  You may also be interested about our motor homing experience and in this article on Edinburgh for kids  

pinit fg en rect red 28 - Discovering the Scottish Highlands with your family

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