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Can you visit Whistler and not ski??

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Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

VisitWhistler 2 - Can you visit Whistler and not ski??

Can you visit Whistler and not ski?

One of the most iconic winter destinations in Canada would have to be Whistler – renowned for its magical village, and numerous amounts of ski runs that cater for all types of ski levels from the very beginner right up to extreme adventurer, it is a skiers paradise.

So, what if you aren’t a skier?  Should you visit Whistler and not ski? 

We had the opportunity on a recent trip to Canada to factor in a few days at Whistler – however, my husband and I haven’t skied since we were teenagers and our children have never had the opportunity to glide through the white stuff  – we had to make a decision?  Do we all try and get on the ski’s, book a lesson perhaps? 

We only had three days over new year and it was crazy busy time to visiting.

After I did some quick research which included the cost of ski hire, lift passes and so on – it was adding up.  What if we didn’t like it or couldn’t master the skill and therefore wasn’t enjoying ourselves??  I looking into other options available  and we decided we could still get a great experience at Whistler without skiing.

So what did we do?

VisitWhistler 5 - Can you visit Whistler and not ski??

Olympic Village

The Olympic village is a mecca for families to hang around and enjoy a vast array of activities.  There is a small ice-skating rink, to either participate in for a very affordable $6 skate hire or just sit and watch as those who know what they are doing glide by.  There is also a small snow mound ideal for smaller children to toboggan down, and tubes built into the snow they can explore.

IMG 7617 768x1024 - Can you visit Whistler and not ski??Tube Park

Take the blackcomb gondola up to the first stop and just a short walk up some wooden steps brings you to the tube park – this set up is phenomenal, there are 7 or more runs to choose from and as you make your way up the hill (via a very clever travelator) you sit in your inflated tube and get pushed down your chosen run.  Depending on your personal level of adventure, the runs are named and labelled according to the thrill and speed.   You can purchase a 1 or 2-hour pass (we just went for the 1 hour) and all of us had a great time!

Build a snowman

It’s the quintessential task you have to when you visit the snow right??  Just near our accommodation was a common area near what would have been small pond and table and chairs in the summer – this area was now covered in snow.   We built a small snowman, quickly working out that the round version is quite difficult to master (anyone got any clues??) –   found some twigs and pulled a small carrot of out of my pocket to make him look humanlike.  Kids were thrilled!

RNI Films IMG 26B42D26 4273 40C3 8EDF 2470B3FF0A84 - Can you visit Whistler and not ski??Take an adventure

There are so many adventure options when it comes to exploring Whistler.  We choose to do a family adventure with Blackcomb snowmobile tour agency that involved riding on a ski-doo for a few hours around the wilderness of Whistler.  My husband and I were giving a quick lesson on how to ride the ski-doos (they are really similar to a quad bike) and our kids hopped on the back.   We were lead by a guide who took us into through some of the most spectacular pine forrest I have ever encountered.  We took a stop at the halfway mark in a small cabin to enjoy warm cider and some freshly baked cookies before heading off again.  We were blessed with clear weather so stopped a few times to take in the view across the mountains.  We all agreed this activity was one of our favourites so far in our travelling journey.

IMG 7825 768x1024 - Can you visit Whistler and not ski??Stroll through the village

The village is not only beautiful but a place to really enjoy and feel part of the whole winter snow vibe.  People are out and about – so fabulous for some people watching.  There are cafes, shops and restaurants and its a great area to explore and pick a spot for dinner or enjoy a glass of mulled wine in the evening.

Our three days were packed with adventure, fun and really enjoying the snow even though we didn’t ski.  If Whistler is on your list of places you want to visit but you feel it might not be worth it if you don’t ski, think again!  Whistler offered us so much to do as a family we forgot all about the skiing. 

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