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LRM EXPORT 20171106 212735 1024x683 - WE'RE MOVING!

YES, it’s true, we are moving.

So, I’m sure you want to know where we are heading?  Really?  Well if you really want to know….




And we cannot wait.  It has been a wonderful time living in North East Victoria, but as we all know, nothing is forever and many elements are pulling us back to the city we love.

What does it mean for OFT?  A lot actually.  It means I can pursue a few dreams head on now that I have a capital city at my feet.  I’ve already planted some seeds and over the next few months, I will be working hard to get to them off the ground and then tell you all about them.

I’m dreaming big, but more than ever now I will continue to use this platform to inspire family travel.  Near or far, your next town or around the globe. Let’s nurture our curious minds.

Melbourne 2018 are you ready?  We are!


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