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My husband has a Chronic Kidney disease and I can’t believe we have been so lucky.

Chris began dialysis in May 2016 and was accepted onto the transplant waiting list in December 2016. After only being on the list a mere 6 weeks he received a kidney transplant in January 2017. We were told the average wait is five years. So YES, we are lucky. Without that donor our lives would be very different.

To say thank you to the donor and their family and to make the most of our second chance of life we quit our jobs, pulled the kids from day-care, rented our house out and are now travelling Australia, making memories with our two young Children. 

We are currently travelling the Great Ocean Road in Victoria Australia. For those that have been you will know that it is phenomenal, the scenery is breathtaking. Being five weeks into our trip, it has given us time to reflect how lucky we are to be travelling, our family healthy and seeing the wonderful world we live in. Organ donation has made this possible and we are so grateful.

To give back we have created ‘The Transplant Traveller – Lap of Australia Charity Challenge’ where we aim to raise a dollar per kilometre travelled during our trip around Australia for Transplant Australia. You can donate to this deserving cause by clicking here. You never know when you or a loved one may need their help.  We also aim to raise awareness of organ donation. A selfless act of a stranger gave our family a second chance at life. To register to become a donor in Australia please click here and ensure you advise your family of your wishes as they will have the final say. Your selfless act could give another family like mine the gift of life.



Karyn and Her Husband Chris can be found on Istagram as @thetransplanttraveller or on their blog – Currently they are doing a lap around Australia and their goal is to make memories with their children but also raise awareness and funds for Transplant Australia.


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