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IMG 1212 - A boy and his bridgeThis is the story about a boy and his bridge.

As long as I can recall, my son has loved all things construction.  Not surprisingly really.  He loved cars, trains, traffic lights, trucks and planes.  It was a natural progression as he got older that his interest then went into bridges, and I mean real interest like watch documentaries on how bridges are build kind of interest.

When we were discussing our plans to visit Denmark with our children, our sons eyes lit up.

“the Oresund bridge” he whispered.  “The what?”  was my naive reply.

As it turned out one of my sons favourite bridges is the Oresund Bridge that spans between Denmark and Sweden.  He has watched the mega structures series on how they build this bridge eleven hundred times.

Once we arrived in Copenhagen, we were slightly disappointed.  Our thoughts were that bridge would be right there, just like the Sydney Harbour Bridge.  But no…it was right off into the distance and we really needed to squint to see it.  But how was the issue.  I looked at bus timetables and the like.  Our itinerary was quite full and we were due to head to Billund the next day. 

During our time in Billund we received the sad news from back home that our beloved dog had passed away.  We were all devastated, and cried all the way on the train from Billund back to Copenhagen.  With a resolve to cheer our children up, I was determined to get my son over his bridge.  We couldn’t come all this way, and not go over it.  I knew it was one thing we would regret when we got him. 

IMG 1126 - A boy and his bridgeThat is when I found Ivan.  I emailed him through a private tours website called Tours By Locals and told him of our situation.  I explained I needed him to simply drive us over the bridge to Malmo, and back.  He was very willing to help out and it was booked in a few emails and hours.  We only told Jude that morning that we were off to see his bridge and we was beaming with excitement.  We let him sit in the front of the Mercedes mini van, which Ivan could put in disco mode.  Jude chatted to Ivan the whole time about the history of the bridge and at times I was sure Jude was telling Ivan information even he didn’t know.

On the Sweden side we got a great view of the Bridge and spent a little time wandering Malmo before heading back via the bridge to Copenhagen where Ivan took us to a few key places to admire some amazing architecture. 

IMG 1211 - A boy and his bridge

If you would like to know a few facts about the Bridge: 

+ It took 5 years to build the Oresund Bridge

+ The Bridge connects Malmo to Copenhagen and replaces ferries that used to operate in order to get from one country to the other.

+ 2 miles of the bridge is actually a tunnel and the island in the centre is completely man made.

+ During construction they found un-detonated missiles from the war.  Obviously they were removed with extreme caution!

Turning what was a really sad moment on our trip into a reason to really savour what we love was so important. A huge thank you to Ivan who really helped cheer us all up.   

You can find more about tours by local here.  


Happy Travels

Brenda x

pinit fg en rect red 28 - A boy and his bridge

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  • Nicola says:

    I love this story Brenda! I can imagine his little face beaming with excitement! Your next stop will need to be the tallest building in the world, he’s been researching that for a while now. 😍

  • Mandy Ferry says:

    So sorry for your loss. xo

  • alison says:

    Beautiful. When we were in Ireland recently, we wanted to bring back a bit of the local culture for our boys. We chose a book by a local author called ‘The Rain Bridge’. It is a sweet, gentle story of a boy who loved a bridge intensely. When the bridge was damaged and the boy devasated, an opportuity emerged for him to connect to others who shared the love of the bridge. Your dear Jude reminded me of that little boy with the big heart.

    • Brenda says:

      Oh Alison, I think that would be Jude! He feels such a strong connection with certain bridges and when we were in Denmark his excitement about the bridge was so intense. I think he would really like the book too – must go search for it. B x

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