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We’ve been on our 2017 adventure for nearly two weeks now.  It’s been a one amazing journey and we have had a great start to our holiday and I give that credit to 5 decisions we made.     Making these judgments early whilst planning this holidays has made the initial start so much more relaxing and enjoyable.

Here are our 5 decisions we are so glad we made this trip:

Flying at night

We left Melbourne International Airport and flew Emirates on a night time flight for 14 hours to Dubai.  Leaving on a night time flight meant that once we were fed and watched a movie we all fell asleep and that long haul flight was very bearable. Usually we have flown the shorter leg first, however this time, the longer flight at night was great for all of us.   We had a 3 hour stop over in Dubai.

Booking a lounge during our stopover.

I opted to book us into a lounge in Dubai.  It was easy when using Lounge Buddy App, that you can download on your phone.  This allowed us to have a quiet relaxed space with comfy chairs, buffet breakfast/food for us to enjoy before getting on our next flight.  This is great option if you are not affiliated with any type of airline membership or you are flying with a different airline.

Booking a familiar place

We have been to Rome before so my idea was that by booking the same Airbnb apartment we have stayed in before we would all be familiar with our surroundings and acclimatise easier.  I was right.  We were comfortable with the apartment, where things were and how the apartment functioned which is great for children adapting to new environments.

Starting slow

I know the temptation can be to hit the ground running when you are travelling but it does take time to adjust.  There is jet lag, seasonal differences and then the environmental changes to acclimatise to.  We all got some hay fever in the Italian spring, and were waking up much earlier in those first few days.   It is advisable to allow a couple of days or even a few more to settle into your new rhythm.

Packing Light

This trip I was frugal with our packing.  We have three medium suitcases and a back pack each.  This means that each time we move, we have a manageable amount to carry with us and it is not difficult to move from one place to another.  So far we have moved around Italy, caught trains, taxi’s and walked around with our luggage without too much stress.

It seems that making the adjustment to a long holiday takes time, and this is the key theme. As well as being prepared and flexible especially with kids.  We are now fastening up our pace.   Packing more into each day and I have some special blog posts coming up about our adventures here in Italy.

I hope that these tips help you when planning your next family adventure!


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