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4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

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Founder Our Family Travels - Brenda Pomponio

Written by: Brenda Pomponio

Founder OFT

GoldenGateBridge 11 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge


4 ways to experience the Golden Gate Bridge

When you think of San Francisco – many images might flash before your eyes.  Am I right in guessing that one of them would at least include the prominent image of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge?

It is truely a remarkable bridge that not only was deemed “the impossible bridge to build” but it is positioned in such a way connecting San Fransisco Bay to Marin County in the form of a 1.6km suspension style feat of engineering.

It is no surprise that this bridge is one of the most recognised symbols of the state of California and even the united states.   So, if you are planning and visit how do you enjoy the experience of this truely modern wonder of the world?

GoldenGateBridge 7 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

  1.  View it

San Francisco is undulating terrain, making it one of the steepest cities – however, the bonus of this, is there are many vantage points with which to view the bridge on both sides.  So as you are cruising around the city, walking along the pier, on your way to Sausalito there is a bay dedicated to viewing the bridge and on the city side there is a great inlet not only with some seats to take in the view but also a timeline of information about the bridge. 

GoldenGateBridge 10 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

2.  Walk it

If you are a bridge enthusiast this is a must – even if you are not, I encourage walking over the Golden Gate Bridge.  As a modern wonder, yes it is man made, however it does make you stop and marvel at what was possible over 80 years ago.  The two towers are of epic proportion and the views across the bay are speculator (even on a foggy day).

GoldenGateBridge 13 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

3.  Ride it

San Fransisco is a great city to grab a hire bike and ride around, so why not ride over the bridge as well.  With bike lanes on either side (one of which is only open in the afternoon) this is a great family activity, get some wind in your face and feel the joy of riding over one of the most recognised landmarks.

IMG 8299 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate BridgeGoldenGateBridge 9 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

4.  Cruise under it

A Bayside cruise (and there are a few operators) is a great relaxed way to see the Golden Gate Bridge.  We took an hour cruise that departed from Pier 39 – past the adorable Lion Seals and out into the bay toward the bridge.  You can appreciate it’s beauty and span from this angle, not to mention get some great snaps – don’t shy to ask a fellow passenger to get a family picture of you all under the bridge.  Here’s ours just from my phone and I love it! 

RNI Films IMG A4507ADF 8D97 43AB 82BF 4F95E9FB15F5 768x1024 - 4 ways to enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge

So there you have it!  Four wonderful ways to get familiar with one of the most iconic bridges in the world. 

Have you visited San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge?  How did you experience the Bridge?

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